Les patriotes

Les patriotes

Ariel, un jeune Juif français, décide de quitter sa famille pour partir en Israël et devenir un agent du Mossad, les services secrets israéliens. En participant à des missions à Paris, Tel Aviv et Washington, il sera initié à l'art délicat de la manipulation.

At 18, Ariel Brenner leaves Paris and his family to live in Israel. He secretly joins the Mossad, the Isreali secret service. After years of training, his first mission is in Paris to steal... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabriele G (fr) wrote: Decent movie, I really like these ''social network-themed'' concepts.The main problem is that the real scare only comes from Jumpscares, unfair ones I might add.Apart from that, it was interesting and I found it easy to watch.

Greeny (ag) wrote: This movie is one of the ultimate vampire movies

Jey A (au) wrote: OH NOES!! CROSS-SPECIES MUTATION!!!! 0_0 !!

Eric H (au) wrote: It seems less and less that I watch something Worth Seeing. However, God Help The Girl is definitely a worth seeing film, though admittedly I thought it would be TV Viewing at first. But with it getting better over time, honestly I am left hoping there is a sequel as much as I wish this was a mini-series. Especially since the main negative thing about the film is that we don't get to know much about the characters' lives before the band, and hardly get to know James and Cass at all. Though with good music, an overall cute story, and it leaving you wanting more, the little bit of negatives certainly don't outweigh the positives. Leading me to say that you should certainly see God Help The Girl, perhaps buy the soundtrack, and definitely share it with your friends!

Senor C (mx) wrote: A good blaxploitation movie but not necessarily a good boxing movie. What I mean is it has all the things that make a blaxploitation passable including a funky soundtrax & icon Fred Williamson in the cast but the boxing scenes are poorly staged especially in comparison to the likes of Rocky. Dock worker Williamson becomes a boxer & his crooked manager wants him to take a dive but that just doesn't jive w/ The Hammer. He wants to be the #1 contender & those who don't like it can kiss his black ass. Good additions to the cast w/ Starsky & Hutch's Bernie Hamilton & William Smith who's always a favorite of mine. Not a classic of the genre but solid enough & a nice addition to Fred Williamson's catalog (so much that he would always be known as THE HAMMER)

Jayakrishnan R (es) wrote: 82%Saw this on 28/7/15Al Pacino gives a stellar and committed performance in yet another film that is an immediate adaptation of real life story in 1973, which like the many other films of it's kind like All the President's Men lack a punch because of mainly flaws in screenplay and not being able to shed enough light into the fascinating events. Serpico has a lot of gripping scenes, much thanks to Pacino and Sidney Lumet, but on the whole it fails to deliver at points that are quintessential.

Loel C (it) wrote: Inspira a ser mejor no importa la edad recomiendo verla es buena