Les pel·lícules del meu pare

Les pel·lícules del meu pare


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AnnMarie M (br) wrote: I love Stargate. This movie has all the feelings of the series and is twice as long. I loved it. You go Daniel!!

Nadja A (mx) wrote: Spannender und nervenaufreibender Film ber die Nordwandereignisse von 1936.

Kendal K (us) wrote: A interesting concept that reaches too far and a miscast Carey and Schumacher are not able to deliver.

Hans L (kr) wrote: Scorsese does a Godard and etches out a personal history of film. In this case rather than take aim at the whole of film history Scorsese diligently and lovingly escorts us through Italy's post world war two cinema beginning with neo realism and arriving at the moment of modernism that is Michelangelo Antonioni and Federico Fellini. It is highly idiosyncratic and is arguably more about Scorsese than Italian cinema but the four hour running time evaporates as we witness the transition from Hollywood's "action image" to the objectivism of the "time image." The title is a homage to Roberto Rossellini- which is understandable given the position he occupies in Marty's psyche.

Hillary D (br) wrote: This flop is about 2 dirtbags (Donny & Teach) "talking" about stealing a coin that Donny the shop dealer SOLD to a guy that he later realized was worth more money. I don't empathize with any of the characters & it's basically an hour & 45 minutes of pure bunk that didn't ever deserve to be recorded & classified as a movie. Low-wit & poor performances from so-called cast members. Detestable!

Marcus M (mx) wrote: If only to say I have...

Augustine H (us) wrote: A purchase of flat turns into a lasting assassination ended up on a train. Despite the powerful struggles at the very end, the plot before that is as confusing as hell without making a sense. I mean, what is that all about?

Karen M (gb) wrote: this was my favourite movie when i was a young teen

Claigh Y (kr) wrote: * A decent transfer from the small screen to the big screen. * Perfectly ok "teen comedy" but not much more beyond that. * Fans of the tv series will love the film. People who havent seen the TV series might not get what it is all about.