Les possédés

Les possédés

This story begins in 1870 at a little town somewhere in Russia. It processed the real "Nyecsajev story". A group of young revolutionists wanna ruin the system with violence. They think this...

This story begins in 1870 at a little town somewhere in Russia. It processed the real "Nyecsajev story". A group of young revolutionists wanna ruin the system with violence. They think this... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wendy D (ag) wrote: Cool documentary about a fiercely innovative and SWEET game!

David F (au) wrote: 30 Minutes or Less definitely didn't deserve to get panned like how it did. The movie is very funny, has some heart, and it's plot was a lot more engaging than expected.8/10

Anders H (ru) wrote: Saw it in 3D, a a wholesome family movie - not too funny, not too scary - but with strong environmentalist message spoken out loud and shown vividly in graphics. The 3D effects in this movie lends depth of field, I didn't experience any leaps-out-of-the-screen moments. My blu-ray DVD had both the 2D & 3D versions on it.*** SPOILER ***Three characters dies during the movie, one young animal dies from a gunshot (no actual impact is shown - just a rifle, bang!, keel over).

David K (nl) wrote: A lovely documentary that shows a dramatic and emotional journey to make a internet / long-distance relationship a reality.

David L (nl) wrote: If there was going to be a streetdance film that tops the lot, you'd have thought it would be this one, given that it stars the Britain's Got Talent legends Diversity, Flawless, and George Sampson. However, as good as their routines are, the film was largely about dance after dance and there was nothing else to it really. To be honest, when the actors and actresses were as terrible as this, you can understand why the directors let the dancing do the talking, but it was still missing that bit of storyline, and acting ability that would really have made it shine. The basic concept was following a dance crew who lost their prime choreographer (to a rival band), and it's left up to Carly to keep the group up to speed, in time for the local Championships a few weeks later. Without any money or a place to train, a local dance teacher offers her studio to the group, on condition that they incorporate five of her ballet students into their routine. Struggling at first, the newly formed outfit soon become friends and conjure up a unique and diverse production that blends the two styles wonderfully. From the outset, you know how it's all going to pan out both in terms of who wins, and who falls in love with who, but the constant injection of dance and a decent soundtrack help keep us entertained. For me, I'd wished it focused more on the Britain's Got Talent contestants, as they are the masters of this sort of act, but unfortunately we have to settle for not much more than Cameo appearances. I wouldn't necessarily be in a rush to watch this one again, other than to see what difference the 3D element might make, but it's certainly a high tempo way to spend an evening if you have nothing better to do.

gary t (fr) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a really good movie 2 watch...its got a good cast of actors/actressess throguhout this movie...i think that toni collette, tom sturridge, eddie redmayne, craig crosbie, cathryn bradshaw play good roles/parts throughout this movie...i think that the director of this drama/murder/mystery movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie i think that this is a bit slow 2 start of with but its a really good enjoyable thriller/murder/mystery movie 2 watch

Barry T (it) wrote: very sweet but cheap looking film

Andreas E (gb) wrote: Hygglig episodskrckis dr de tv frsta delarna r riktigt bra. Man frsker knyta samman historien i sista episoden, vilken r klart svagast, och man lyckas inte helt och hllet. Dock klart sevrd. Lite Clive Barker mter David Lynch i ett slags arty-farty-stuk.

latina20 d (jp) wrote: I'll do any thing for the kids

Eliabeth K (es) wrote: that's have in his time a good horror but now is funny is good

Jeff B (de) wrote: Yet another finely done, and extremely well-written, voice-over film. The movie that "I Think I Love My Wife" remade.

Blake P (ag) wrote: Barbra Streisand has the sort of star power that explodes off the screen. So effortlessly lovable and so much a force (with her roaring voice, her palpable charisma, and her slicing comedic timing), she's enough to practically blow anyone standing next to her right off the screen if they fail to out-act her themselves.As a result of her being such a titan of the silver screen, finding a vehicle able to contain her has enforced a career full of movies that remain watchable only because Streisand's in them. The only feature to have spotlighted her correctly is Peter Bogdanovich's glimmering screwball comedy homage "What's Up, Doc?" (1972), which prevails because it recognizes the boldness of Streisand and likens her talents to that of a behemoth of a figure like Katharine Hepburn. No one opposite her is ever going to stand out as much as she does, and that fact's recognized. Even "Funny Girl" (1968), the enduring musical drama that won her an Oscar, struggles due to its run-time and due to the entire ensemble cast being more wet towel than personality driven. Streisand, of course, is larger than life in the movie."On a Clear Day You Can See Forever," her 1970 collaboration with Vincente Minnelli ("Meet Me in St. Louis," "An American in Paris"), suffers from the very same problem that has plagued Streisand's long career: she's astounding, but everyone else seems at a loss as to how to keep up with her. In the film, she is Daisy Gamble, a flibbertigibbet of a post-grad trying to kick her smoking habit. Possessing an addictive personality that ensures that she consumes five packs a day, her vice has become a problem for her conservative fiancee Warren (Larry Blyden), who's intent to marry her but not if she's going to die of a black lung within a couple years.Knowing full well that she's too flighty to quit on her own, Daisy attends one of the lectures of Marc Chabot (a thoroughly wooden Yves Montand), a psychiatrist with a knack for hypnotization. Believing that she could enlist him to essentially put her in a trance and command that she stops puffing smoke so fanatically, she introduces herself and, before long, is the patient to his doctor. But when Chabot accidentally travels too deeply into her psyche, it is unexpectedly revealed that Daisy, in addition to being an airheaded twentysomething, is the reincarnation of Lady Melinda Winifred Waine Tentrees, a sexually confident eighteenth-century social climber that worked her way from poverty-stricken illegitimacy to wondrous wealth in her lifetime. Chabot keeps this discovery a secret. But when he begins to fall for the woman Daisy no longer is, complications unavoidable arise for both him and the girl who sits in his office on a day to day basis.The concept, already trippy enough as it is, is poised to struggle to convince. And yet it works, the fantasy sequences arguably more effective than the ones set in the present day. But maybe that's only because scenes that take place in 1970 are also characterized by actors that aren't Streisand. And those actors, despite mostly being renowned, are so bland by contrast that the second any of them so much as open their mouths we find ourselves already pining to see and hear more of her. When a star acts and sings as magnificently as she does, it's almost unthinkable to sit through a minute in which she's not stealing a moment from another."On a Clear Day You Can See Forever," then, is forthcomingly a little off-center. Since its headliner is so sublime, we're sporadically tricked that we are, in fact, watching a great movie. And we aren't: the story, while sound, doesn't emotionally invest us, and no one not named Barbra Streisand is inviting. It's all rather stagey, too, not unlike the play from which it was conceived. So it's good. But imagine how wonderful it could have been had Minnelli and the film's makers better understood the capabilities of their leading lady and worked with them more efficaciously.

Art S (br) wrote: 1960's artifact with cameos from Ginsberg, Burroughs, Shankar and more. Some painfully awkward acting (e.g., acting drunk) but also some stunning images courtesy of Robert Frank and Rooks' own dabbling with superimposition. Overall, the soundtrack makes this worth it.

Samuel B (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movie soundtracks!