Les soeurs Brontë

Les soeurs Brontë

In a small presbytery in Yorkshire, living under the watchful eyes of their aunt and father, a strict Anglican pastor, the Bronte sisters write their first works and quickly become literary sensations.

In a small presbytery in Yorkshire, living under the watchful eyes of their aunt and father, a strict Anglican pastor, the Bronte sisters write their first works and quickly become literary sensations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David N (de) wrote: saw it...meh at best

Marcus W (kr) wrote: Keeps lurching uncomfortably between slapstick and serious.

Wenter S (nl) wrote: good plot.. acting was mediocre. the story was great, great ideas, but some of the acting and the portraying of the emotions just lacked it.. some scenes were hilariousss haha

Chloe M (nl) wrote: this looks great cant wait 2 see it

Luca V (de) wrote: Ridiculously boring, unfunny and obnoxious. Why in the world is the audience "supposed" to sympathize with and accept this abhorrent, barbaric group of little spoiled brats who serve no admirable purpose whatsoever? This family-flop of a movie is just as embarrassing as Steve Martin's plummeting acting career.

Christian P (ru) wrote: This is the second spanish movie I saw and I really was overwhelmed coz of its perfect story structure and the well written dialog and because of its message: SMOKING KILLS

Greg N (au) wrote: Jane Fonda is so creepy in this and She has this weird dried out face in it from all the diet pills. So much so that my mom decided Alain Delon was prettier than her in this. He can't help it. He's Alain Delon. Outside of that issue they both do good jobs here. Seriously Jane is so creepy and I refuse to believe the moral of this movie that it sucks to be Alain Delon. It is all lies.

Antonio T (nl) wrote: Como acostumbra Kurosawa, tiene un ritmo glacial, escenas de mucho silencio en las cuales, si no ests muy activo que digamos, te pondrn a dormir enseguida. Igual, como acostumbra Kurosawa, es tecnicamente casi "flawless" y la adaptacin de la obra de Shakespeare a Japn resulta muy fluida. *SPOILER* La escena en la que muere Washizu es maravillosa.

Matt H (es) wrote: Decent satire of then current media circuses. Lots of one-liners; some hit while others miss. Some interesting commentary behind all of the ridicuousness. Ginger Rogers is a lot of fun, like usual. Some very cynical views hidden under the wisecracks, reminds me a little of Billy Wilder or Preston Sturges (but not as good).

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