Les travailleu(r)ses du sexe

Les travailleu(r)ses du sexe


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WS W (it) wrote: Very well-planned & interwoven plotlines here.

Ananto S (jp) wrote: Turtles Can fly is a realistic but film about Kurdish (Iraqi) refuses in Iraq war. How the cruelty of war decides the fate of the poor children of Iraq Kurdish people. The performances by the children are top notch and heartbreaking. I think director did his job very successfully to give a perfect idea about refuses and impact of war in their life. it's a powerful, heart-tugging portrait of the innocent victims of conflict. The director Bahman Ghobadi created some excellent characters - Satellite, Agrin, Pashow, Shirkooh and baby. All the children did a mind blowing job. They are fantastic actors. Satellite, a leader for children and works as an ideal leader, who first comes to others problems to solve, has a creative artistic and loving mind, feeling his country and people. He is comparatively more knowledgeable than other kids even some of seniors. I respected the child who was so faithful to Satellite, who always got slapped by the elders. One very alarming and definitely true issue here discussed, land mine removed by children. Lots of children lost their legs like Pashow or Satellite. Iraq war may be finished but its impact on those children will carry for long run. It was very touching scene, Agrin's brother armless boy how inactive land mine and collect it for sale and get some money for survive. Life was so cheap, only for 10 diners all children works with sell and some children died by exploration. I would like to explain this baby characters, I know it was a very hard to manage him for take short, Baby did excellent job in film.

Brandon S (de) wrote: Very shocking but also very important! This ultra-realistic look into the mind of the shooters at a high school massacre was amazing! The use of the found footage technique has never been so good! Although disturbing and intense this movie will leave an impression that won't soon leave anyone who watches it!

Hector D (gb) wrote: Una pelicula onirica ,donde todo tiene un simbolismo. Es America pero no es America, hay dolares pero no son dolares. El nio evoluciona casi como adulto y sufre transformaciones a lo largo de su viaje, pierde la inocencia, se obsesiona, lucha y encuentra lo que busca. La meta de la pelcula es encontrar los MOTORAMA stickers que obsequian en las gasolineras Quimera, Si junta la palabra MOTORAMA con sus distintas letras, entonces gana un millonario premio. De eso es lo que va la pelcula y es un mgico road trip en un mustang rojo manejado por el nio protagonista de la pelcula. Es sin duda, surrealismo puro y un viaje muy especial.

Sergei Z (fr) wrote: Somehow I've missed this great "virtual reality tthriller" from the creator of "The Ghost in the Shell". Awesome mix of the virtual reality phylosophy, arthurian legends and gaming themes. Must see for every gamer.

Terri H (ca) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Juan G (es) wrote: An interesting, influencial and very weird documentary/experimental film of Orson Wells. Not for everyone but very enjoyable for anyone who admires the great Orson Wells.

Steven B (ca) wrote: Best film of the year or one of the best of the year Very under rated movie

Brad S (kr) wrote: This is pure guilty-pleasure entertainment. Yes it is cheesy and predictable, but it is also fun and entertaining. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have great chemistry and it was fun watching it again. Definitely the best film in the trilogy.

Tatum G (au) wrote: The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey to me is the most accurate out of the three movies to the book it is based on, The Hobbit. It is a fantasy/adventure story including fictional creatures and intriguing magic. Three main characters of the story are Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman, Gandalf, played by Ian McKellen, and Thorin Oakenshield, played by Richard Armitage. I think that each actor in the movie portrayed their character very well, and there was nothing wrong with their acting in my opinion. The portrayal of the characters was true to the visual I had of each of the characters while reading the book. An Unexpected Journey is mostly about the root of the adventure in the book. Gandalf approaches Bilbo Baggins in hope that he will convince him to join him on an adventure, and invites an "unexpected party" to his house in order to talk business and meet Bilbo. The scenes in which this happened were very accurate, and Bilbo's reactions were spot on. You could tell that Bilbo had no interest in adventure, and how his opinions developed and changed. The costumes and music featured in the movie were very unique. I think that Gandalf was the best portrayed when it comes to wardrobe, because his hat, robe, and walking stick were all included. His image was exactly as I pictured it, including his facial features and beard. The only character that confused me was Bilbo. The book makes you imagine him as large at the beginning because of the amount he eats and how dedicated he is to his meals. I imagined him as larger or shorter than Martin Freeman was in the movie. The music was very good. The creatures sang songs and moved as they were written, such as the scene where the dwarves organized the dishes. Also, the landscape and buildings were beautiful, and they were so accurate to how magical the world made written to be. I think An Unexpected Journey was most true to the book, The Hobbit, and showed the beginning of the journey very well. Each actor portrayed their character well, and the wardrobe/directions were accurate. The movie was very close to the visual I had before viewing it, and I would watch it again.