Les vacanciers

Les vacanciers

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Les vacanciers torrent reviews

dan u (au) wrote: Wow, just wow! 1+1=1

Michael A (ca) wrote: I really wanted to like this since I read the book,but I found it kinda boring.

shawn W (fr) wrote: Great movie and a nice twist at the end

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: It's good movie to watch

mike d (nl) wrote: This really was extremely good.

Andy P (au) wrote: Yes the jokes wear thin and it's a bit silly, but a few nice laughs are to be had in this easy going mob comedy, and the chemistry between DeNiro and Crystal is enjoyable to watch

Alice A (es) wrote: i have seen rockers many years ago.... there is not a lot of films that come out of jamaica, but when out come out...... i have to support it. being Jamaican... Stay bless.... Rockers was as very good film,... you will have to agree that the best film was THE HARDER THEY COME.......the orignal cult movie....

monsieur r (jp) wrote: One of the better WWII films of the era, Run Silent Run Deep is a black and white journey into tense sub combat. Great special effects for the time. While I endorse seeing this film at least once, I haven't been back to see it since. The introduction on the dvd is superb, complete with sonar pings, it will set the mood for the topic of sub warfare like few films have documented since. The sub is a pretty old tub too.

Zoran S (mx) wrote: The technicolor looks lovely but this is otherwise dull and standard.

Andr D (mx) wrote: "Holiday" es una deliciosa comedia romntica en la que Cary Grant interpreta a Johnny Case, un hombre enamorado de Julia Seton (Doris Nolan), una mujer de sociedad. Katharine Hepburn interpreta a Linda, la hermana de Julia, quien tiene mucho mas en comn con Case que su prometida. Lo predecible de la historia no importa: los dilogos, la qumica y la magistral puesta en escena de George Cuckor hacen de esta cinta una maravilla.

Cedric L (kr) wrote: One of the worst romantic comedies I have ever seen.