Lessons at the End of Spring

Lessons at the End of Spring

A young boy loses his innocence in a pre-perestroika Russian prison during the chaotic last months of the Khrushchev regime.

A young boy's loss of innocence in a pre-perestroika Russian prison is the harrowing, Kafkaesque premise of LESSONS AT THE END OF SPRING. During the chaotic last months of the Khrushchev ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Minya A (br) wrote: I had nothing better to do with my Tuesday afternoon, so I figured I would sit down and give this movie a bit of a whirl. Within a couple of seconds I knew this would be a terrible and cheesy attempt at horror. Whilst not necessarily a bad film as a whole, the writing leaves much to be desired. The plot pacing is kind of sucky, there's little to no character development, and the only character that seemed truly alive was the Southern Gentleman (he was actually quite perfect, given how sinster he truly was). Not high on my list of recommendations.

Kaj P (mx) wrote: Nice ensemble comedy/drama on a group of Spanish strangers whose life is connected by similar experiences in their lovelife. Love in all phases of life: youth and playfulness, middle aged and loneliness and the old and the ending of it all. It's charming in an innocent way, but it never goes any deeper in any of its characters.

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Sam E (fr) wrote: I would have been perfectly happy if Lesley Mann and Brendan Fraser returned to the star-studded cast, it just seems weird having Thomas Haden Church and Mann's bestfriend; who admired George in the first film but try's to convince Ursla in this film that Lyle Vandergrute is the life parter she deserves? Even though they admit this is a cheap shabby sequel under 5 minutes into the movie, it just doesn't all weigh up. It's far to similar to the first film, and has to many references to the first movie.

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Alex K (fr) wrote: Nicolas Cage Got An Academy Award For Best Actor For This Film At The 68th Annual Academy Awards In 1996.

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