Let God Be the Judge

Let God Be the Judge

Let God Be the Judge

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Christopher Z (jp) wrote: Not horrible, but too loud, depressing, and short for us to truly understand Linda Lovelace. There is nothing wrong with showing the realities of women being coerced into pornography and the men who abuse them, but Lovelace doesn't really allow its audience to fully understand and feel for Lovelace, who was killed in a car crash in 2002.

Kinho M (kr) wrote: Not Guy Ritchie's best. If you want a very good and solid Ritchie film, pick up Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch. Right off the bat, this movie is boring. The pace is chaotic but that pace actually gets in the way of the actual story. The characters are all not interesting. Not recommended.

Brendan N (ag) wrote: Such a dud, to many ideas for a small production. Acting is bad and seagal is looking very tired.

Ben D (br) wrote: I'm reviewing this in 2016. This just shows how long the atrocious trash known as Cabwoman has tormented me so much throughout my whole life.

Toni M (gb) wrote: Horrible acting at its finest.

Steve W (de) wrote: Robin Hood: Prince of Cheese.For some reason I've never watched this film. I guess I wasn't really a Kevin Costner fan as a kid, who is?, and I even think back then I found an American Robin Hood stupid. Alas however with an interest in Historical Adventure I decided to get round to this. What the actual hell 1991? This was your second highest grossing film?I was expecting a Hollywood movie, no doubt. I know that entails a certain amount of Americanization and commercialization. It happens in Braveheart for example but they still have a foot in some kind of reality even if they paint characters with broad strokes.But this? Everyone who isn't good is a sniveling pantomime villain, Alan Rickman is like a cinematic version of Black Adder. He is raised by a devil worshiping witch... WHAT THE FLUFF? Complete with a children's TV dungeon set that has dry ice and green lights.The main problem aside from the casting of Robin Hood is this is neither fish nor fowl. If they had intended to make a swash buckling adventure movie maybe some of this would be over looked but every so often they try and make this some profound historical epic with Kevin spewing out some half assed noble words. Honestly the one with the cartoon fox was more believable.

Walt J (ru) wrote: Way overrated. The Guy Ritchie British Gangster films are far better. The plot was one dimensional, just like all of the characters.

Lisa B (gb) wrote: Warren Beatty prevented another household photo shoot. You have him to thank. Is this movie the '70s version of "High Fidelity"? (which we also just recently watched). No, because much as I love John Cusack, he can never beat Warren.

Geoff P (jp) wrote: A fantastic war film in the much neglected Italian campaign. Great performances from Mitchum and Falk.

Chris M (fr) wrote: Almost as Funny as City Slickers...

Jim M (us) wrote: People are dying aboard a military transport heading west and it's up to Charles Bronson to find out why and rip the heart out of a deadly conspiracy. The acting leaves something to be desired but still its got Charles Bronson, Ed Lauter and en Johnson in it so it can't be that bad. Tense with some good action.

Terry M (es) wrote: One of the better movies I've seen. Disagree with Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Shelley O (ru) wrote: The whole family laughed throughout this movie and there were even parts where the whole theater was clapping and cheering. I know it was predictable... it wasn't an "edge of your seat" kinda movie by any stretch... the physical comedy was to be expected. But, at the end of the day, it delivers a good message and tells a story that my kids can appreciate. It was positive and uplifting which is what I look for in movies now that the kiddos are growing past the traditional Disney animations.

Brian O (ru) wrote: Cheesy craptastic goodness.

Jackie M (ca) wrote: Documentaries like this makes you really take stock in the absolute talent that the world has lost. What would music history have been if 1970-71 hadn't taken Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison? If these phenomenal artists had survived through the 70s, 80s and 90s. I wish that the documentary had slowed down through the time leading up to Woodstock through to her death just over a year later. I also would have liked to see an assessment of how these deaths impacted the music scene in the following years.