Let Him Be

Let Him Be

Two undergrad film students Tim Bennett & Kathleen Joyce discover a long thought to be dead rock icon living in a remote part of Canada.

Let Him Be is a fascinating film about two undergrad film students Tim Bennett & Kathleen Joyce who discover a long thought to be dead rock icon living in a remote part of Canada. It all ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Let Him Be torrent reviews

Damon R (us) wrote: I enjoyed that video. I plan to get the actual comic the movie is based on. I thought it was great.

Alexander R (br) wrote: Funny, surprising, entertaining, quirky, brilliant, and did I say funny? You have to watch this, or you'll regret it one day. Really, it's that good.

Darren H (jp) wrote: The coming-of-age theme has been done to death and this film adds nothing new. A dreadfully dull, paint-by-numbers indie film.

bill s (us) wrote: Turned a bad idea into a worse movie.

Kevin K (ag) wrote: Teamwork and tiny bathing suits always save the day.

Sweating Bullets (ru) wrote: The film that shows how being a true baseball fan is a full time job while also being an enjoyable romantic comedy.

Bhaskar D (ag) wrote: beautiful cinematography.

Bob V (au) wrote: A few memorable scenes strewn across a load of beep

Trevor D (it) wrote: Grant, Fairbanks, and McLaglen carve out wonderfully unique personalities for their characters, and their jovial spirit of unbreakable brotherhood is too much fun. Sam Jaffe-- hilariously given fourth-billing-- as the titular Gunga Din is truly endearing, and the final 20 minutes actually got me a bit misty-eyed. This is an unabashed celebration of the military and British patriotism (with a rather antiquated view of race and gender), but "Gunga Din" is, at its heart, a simple human story about bravery and heroism. This is a truly great comedy-adventure, featuring plenty of elements that would later influence the Indiana Jones films, particularly "Temple of Doom." Also, the big battle in the abandoned city is one of the best action sequences ever put on film.

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