Let Him Have It

Let Him Have It

In 1950s England, slow-witted Derek Bentley falls in with a group of petty criminals led by Chris Craig, a teenager with a fondness for American gangster films. Chris and Derek's friendship leads to their involvement in the true case which would forever shake England's belief in capital punishment.

In 1950s England, slow-witted Derek Bentley falls in with a group of petty criminals led by Chris Craig, a teenager with a fondness for American gangster films. Chris and Derek's friendship... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dmitry F (br) wrote: very touching and fascinating movie on relationships on several levels. Wow. Strongly recommend.

Tasha P (de) wrote: This movie was rather superb, a perfectly odd twisted movie ... it left me with a rather deep feeling inside*really I was rather moved by the deepness within the story* ... I wouldn't have any idea how to categorize this movie because it's really out there at times! but I loved it corkyness and all! I think you have to have an appreciation for really odd movies to get this one! I don't even have a clue what to compare it to!! lol

Amber F (au) wrote: Possibly the best film the Coen Brothers have ever made, No Country for Old Men holds an extremely captivating story with intense dialogue, effective symbolism and underlying messages that will make you think for days.

Matthew L (es) wrote: Besides the unfocused narrative and pretty boring melodrama, Advent Children is one nostalgic and enjoyable film that offers fan service by action and visuals.

Ali I (au) wrote: Ending could have been better though

Johnson C (br) wrote: What's this f-king movie about? It's not about f-king. Even can't classified as a comedy, but it make some cheap jokes. Better than Bruno for playing dicks, but don't expect too much.

Andrew S (it) wrote: Hilarious. But either painfully slow or horrifyingly long, depending on your perspective. That aside, it's difficult to find fault with this rather charming film. Bardem is excellent in it, and the concept is understated, yet compelling. Would have rated it higher, if not for my bias against anything that relies heavily on existentialist themes.

Marilee A (au) wrote: My Favorite Jesus Movie Ever, even though the actor never actually blinks in the movie, it is amazing

Jani M (nl) wrote: Life tasting story of Mystery, Alaska ... little town that lives and breathes ice-hockey. Whole town gets new wind when they hear that New York Rangers are coming to play against their local team in their home ice. Film is filled with warm and interesting characters that are well played by professionals like Russell Crowe, Colm Meaney, Burt Reynolds, Hank Azaria. Whole movie had that small town feeling that you got with tv-series like "Northern Exposure" or "Picket Fences". Wonderful feel-good-movie that follows the cliches of the genre closely but does it with so much love that it doesnt matter at all.

Dan A (jp) wrote: What a classic "Swan song" for the Hammer Frankenstein series to go out on. I loved Peter Cushing's Dr. Frankenstein since the 58(?) "Curse of Frankenstein" and he only gets better in the 70's. The Frankenstein series was always about Dr. Frankenstein with various representations of the creature. Peter Cushing steals the show, chews the scenery, and effortlessly makes this film an instant Horror Classic. If you have followed the series, you get a lot of the insider stuff, and there is one classic scene where he is talking about never giving up on creating life....."I never shall!" Cushing says with relish. The Monster from Hell resembles a Neandrethal man and an ape. David Prowse is unrecognizeable, but does a credible job. Madeline Smith looks great, and the only critique I have of this wonderful film is that in America it is cut. The Euro version has a few more additions, which I plan on buying eventually. Cushing and Prowse would reunite a few years later in one of the greatest Sci Fi movies in history.

James H (ca) wrote: This comedy got better as it went along. For the most part, the performances are good but the little kid, played by Brett Kelly, steals the show. He is brilliant and the things the script has him say and do are hilarious. The premise was simple enough and I think they pulled it off. It's nice to see the lead character undergo the transformation throughout the film as he becomes more and more likeable.

Chris R (kr) wrote: Ralph Bakshi's films always make me both think and smile with satisfaction of a great film.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Legally Blonde is a great film that shows that Reese Witherspoon can do comedy films also. The plot is silly at first, but it gets better when it turns into a court movie. Reese Witherspoon is great in it and is really funny. The writing is really good and created a lot of jokes that are funny. The film is predictable sometimes, and there were moments that I've seen it before in other films. The characters are developed good, and the court scenes are really funny and interesting. Even though it's very silly at times, Legally Blonde is its own thing and is more or less for girls at that time. Legally Blonde is a really funny movie that is a little better that I thought would be.