Let It All Hang Out

Let It All Hang Out

Edwige Fenech plays the girlfriend of beatnik-hippy artist Archie (Willi Colombini). Throughout the film Edwige is either having her body painted during a hippy party, posing naked for Archie or seducing other men. All is not fun and games for Edwige though after another hippy girl (Marcella Michelangeli) has her eyes on Archie

Edwige Fenech plays the girlfriend of beatnik-hippy artist Archie (Willi Colombini). Throughout the film Edwige is either having her body painted during a hippy party, posing naked for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant T (ca) wrote: Fairly predictable with only a few laughs.

Stephen C (ag) wrote: While it is clear that the budget went into a single of the four entries, the low budget look and feel helps the other 3 with it's over the top, raunchy and sometimes childish laughs. Tons of tongue in cheek moments and cameos keep this movie flowing. It's nice to see that each segment has it's own look and feel.

Giorgos V (ru) wrote: Megalh malakia Major Bullshit

Nicholus C (es) wrote: One of the most charming movies of the year.

Jorge R (au) wrote: Great little twist on the romantic comedy formula, a good cast giving nice performances and a nice message.

JASON W (es) wrote: BOONDOCK [email protected]#$ PROS- GRITTY NEG- NOT ENOUGH GRIT

ram j (de) wrote: 5 star for ajaypeople who saw this movie coz of srk they all are a big FOOOOOOL

Sarah F (fr) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Trent R (br) wrote: Challenge of the Lady Ninja (1983)Elsa Yeung's wet wrestling ring duel with Yin Su Li is probably the showpiece of this nuttily anti-Japanese mashup. Elsa has some fun ninja moves as well, though nothing unusual for a Lee Tso Nam movie. The opening sequence reveals Chen Kuan Tai with Darth Vader's imperial march, but don't be deceived by the Venoms-related marketing - this is closer in tone to a Golden/Pink Queen/Force Commando style of female fu flick, and a fun one at that.

Oryanna C (it) wrote: A "Sleeper Hit" with a few unlikely heroes facing a bungling villain. The Lumiage animation was truly unique and memorable as were they impressive names behind the music and production.

Jeff (au) wrote: They don't make thought provoking dramas like this anymore -- good movie.

John M (fr) wrote: Clunky, slow-paced exploitation film almost devoid of suspense. Docked one star for pointless depictions of real animal violence. The American title of Cannibal Ferox is Make Them Die Slowly- undoubtedly an inside joke by writer/director Umberto Lenzi referring to the intended affect on audiences unlucky enough to sit through the entire movie.

John D (br) wrote: This would've been an excellent film if the two leads weren't out of their league. Cybill Shepherd, god bless her, has the enchanting part down but speeds through her lines in the most annoying manner. You just wish Bogdanovich had told her to slow down some. Plus, she doesn't quite sell the innocence enough. Barry Brown looks more like a hippie than a 19th century expatriate, and he doesn't develop any sort of personality throughout the entire picture. The overall impression of the acting is that of a high school play you're forced to sit through because your little sister is in it. On the other hand, the camera work is stately and shows proper restraint. The final shot is especially haunting. The film is a fascinating failure; I would recommend watching it despite its flaws.

Vadim D (br) wrote: This 60s fluff is nothing but pretty costumes, good set design, and charm provided courtesy of Audrey Hepburn. It may be enough for some, but the film is dull and has witty moments to make this a guilty pleasure

Jeremy S (fr) wrote: Liked it better than Divorce, Italian Style. Dragged on a little at the end, though. What a dark comedy should be!

Franois d (au) wrote: Imaginez un moulin a vent tres special...Il habrite un musee ou l'on peut voir defiler sur un carousel des statues de cire de celebres femmes meurtrieres..Mais sont-ce reellement des statues de cire?

Daniel S (ca) wrote: continuing with my guilty pleasure of trashy 80s movies, this one is pretty good, they do a good job with the classic 80s characters, and its a good set up, i will say some things werent explained the best, and despite only being 89 min, still dragged a bit at the end, with just a buncha running scenes, but its still a fun time overall