Let It Shine

Let It Shine

The film follows a shy, talented musician who pens romantic hip-hop verses only to stand idly by as they're delivered to the girl of his dreams by a proxy, his best friend. Made for Disney Channel movie/

Georgia,  a shy, talented rapper and musician, fights to keep his dreams from slipping though his fingers when his best friend takes the credit for all of his creativity, and the girl he loves starts to fall for the wrong guy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott C (ag) wrote: Made me think totally differently about Facebook and other social media platforms. They're evil.

Prem R (ca) wrote: Full commercial... can watch for vadivelu comedy

Shadow Y (it) wrote: This was by far one of the funniest movies I have seen. A+ comedy and just there for a good laugh. Its horrible filming but a wonderful film if you have crap sense of humor and want to have a good laugh.

Sae Jin M (es) wrote: what a movie! Is this musical, comedy, romantic movie? One thing I sure is this mvie make me cry, laugh, and finally it make me thinking!!

Scott R (ru) wrote: Weak plot, weak Graham, weak writing.

Justin E (nl) wrote: Great movie, but, the fencing is stinky.

Ben S (gb) wrote: The first half is very clunky and uninvolving; the second half redeems it somewhat. Stewart and Murphy are both good, however.

Jimmy L (mx) wrote: Spectacular silent movie

Chriel P (ag) wrote: So much love for this ???

Nathan N (es) wrote: Awesome. AmazingWickedEndangeredSicknessOperationMadnessEnthusiastic

Tuukka P (kr) wrote: David Cronenbergs experimental film about a young millionare riding a limo while the society is falling apart around him. A bit too weird for my taste even though there were some interesting scenes and themes. Pattinson gives a good icy performance.

Max G (es) wrote: Now this is how to make a decent horror flick, let alone a teen werewolf one unlike no other. You have a dark and conflicting tale of two sisters struggling with anxiety and IV drug use combined with an unpredictable chain of murderous events related to The Beast of Bailey Downs. No gratuitous nudity present, the right amount of scares, poignant dialogue, and the reliance of gore is out of the question here. Seriously underrated.

Aman A (de) wrote: It is so silly, yet so much fun. It isn't laugh out loud, at least not to me but it is a movie I'd watch again and again. Though, I prefer Shaolin soccer.

bill s (au) wrote: Elderly men road trip character study with wit and warmth.A nice little bromace where the chemistry between the leads lends a lot of juice to this movie.

Meg C (gb) wrote: the greatest Disney film of all time