Let's Dance

Let's Dance

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Hindi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A dance teacher struggles to bring fame to herself and her group of young dancers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (us) wrote: It isn't as good as the first one, which had a fairly unique story, but the fight scenes alone are more than enough to forgive the predictable and cliched narrative (as well as some iffy acting).

Ramiro G (mx) wrote: Though the script lacks a "something" that would've made it memorable, Liberal Arts is a really good, charming study of the nostalgia for our youth with great acting specially from Elizabeth Olsen, who really pulls off a character which is impossible not to fall in love with

Wes S (ca) wrote: I've never played any of the video games, but the story is enjoyable and the characters are pretty interesting. Decent animation, nothing spectacular.

Jesse O (es) wrote: You know I saw maybe 20-25 minutes of this film and I just had to stop watching it with how horrible it was. The thing of it is once I usually begin watching movies, I watch them all they way through even if they are horrible (I saw House of The Dead all the way through, there's your proof). So you can probably guess how bad this film was, I wanted the people to die but they wouldn't =(. I might watch it fast forwarding through it and just play the death scenes. Either way it was beyond horrible.

Glen L (ag) wrote: This film made me glad to be alive. Watching Ami overcome his life circumstance made me feel like I could overcome anything. No whimpering allowed!

Abel D (br) wrote: A slow, clunky opening and a rather lackluster attempt at exploring the overly commercial-material world we live in, this late 90s Eddie Murphy offering still packs a couple of laughs, especially when G is wrecking other commercials at the network, a competent musical score by Alan Silverstri that turns from bombastic to ethereal, and even some fairly decent drama & emotional scenes, such as G curing a man of his flying fear through hypnosis and helping him find inner peace.

Sergel C (au) wrote: How come Audrey got involved in this very bad film?

Lilia A (ru) wrote: This is THE best book - to - movie adaption I have ever seen.A lot of dialogue from this movie comes straight from the book, word for word. And the flashback scenes are shown so well, especially the music ones. As for the characters, the movie was triumphant and it fell flat. Mia's dad and Adam were fleshed out. They became three dimensional characters, and brought so much life into the story. But Kim and Teddy were shown briefly. These characters, that were three dimensional in the book, were rolled flat into two dimensional characters. In addition, the movie is HEAVILY oriented towards Mia and Adam's story, as opposed to Mia and Kim, Mia and her family, and Mia and herself.Despite this though, this movie is every book lover's dream. When you can say a line along with a character, because it is word-for-word from the book, that is when you know the movie stayed true to its roots. If you are a fan of the book, you will LOVE this movie.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: Pretty decent Batman animation, Quite violent and full of action, A good story that most other Batman films miss, Kids will enjoy it if you let them watch it, One of the better animated films for Batman.

Mikey P (fr) wrote: [PL] Kolejny wymiatacz Mamoru oshii...[ENG] If you loved Ghost in the Shell the Movie or TV Series, you'll at least enjoy this one. It's old, but at times it looks gorgeous - especially the 1080p BD version. Music is fantastic. The plot itself is really cool and hard to predict.