Let's Enjoy

Let's Enjoy

Four different stories about different people trying to attend, already at or happening to encounter a major farmhouse party in suburban Delhi.

Four different stories about different people trying to attend, already at or happening to encounter a major farmhouse party in suburban Delhi. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed S (ru) wrote: Good and unique story line. Fantastic scenery. Makes me want to visit Australia. Classic William Holden.

Tyler V (us) wrote: Better than okay, just not good.

Bijay A (es) wrote: A nice movie . I loved this one. Ayesha Takia looked good in the movie. The songs were also good.

David U (gb) wrote: Wow. You can't make stuff like this up.

Georges C (it) wrote: Totally Enjoyable! Funny... and funny!

Cecily B (mx) wrote: i thought this movie was refreshing, liked the story and its execution

Javier V (de) wrote: Un viaje raro que te atrapa primero por el lado sexual hasta que te das cuenta de que todo lo que hace Alice es realmente sdico y es una relacin enfermiza. En realidad llego a pensar que es el descubrimiento sexual de Luc, un joven inadaptado social.En los primero 20 minutos aparece una mano, como si fuera la mano de la cmara y uno de verdad cree que puede ser alguien, sin embargo cuando ambos miran hacia ese punto no ven nada, o hubieran reaccionado de otra forma. Luego entiendes que era el hombre de la cabaa, mas no queda claro si es una alucinacin de los dos o realmente exista porque ambos se encuentran encerrados en una especie de demonio interno, pero el de Luc.Cuando sale de esa cabaa realmente parece liberarse y parece capaz de todo por Alice, que bien al principio lo hace con un dejo de inseguridad, al final lo hace totalmente seguro de ello.Extraamente narrada como una cebolla en el que no te deja Ozon descubrir todo hasta el final y creo que usa bastante bien el flashback porque cada uno de estos va inmediatamente antes de que el personaje se enfrente a una situacin similar.

Simeon M (ru) wrote: It continues some of the fun from the first one, but the joke is starting to get old.

Brian B (de) wrote: Stachnik- it's actually drug crazed nipple ranch. But great quote nonetheless.

Wes S (it) wrote: It's colorful, a bit slow, a pretty bland. The characters are dumb, and it doesn't really get interesting at any point. The ending is pretty bizarre and silly.

Byron B (ru) wrote: The opening and hence the reason for the title is kind of lame. Ray Harryhausen's effects are impressive throughout, however, as are several of the Italian set pieces. The Venusian Ymir is the sympathetic sort of monster, like Frankenstein's Monster or King Kong, who is mistreated by man. In fact, this film's plot is highly influenced by the 1933 King Kong with visual effects by Harryhausen's mentor Willis O'Brien. The ending, in particular, is a near copy of the end faced by the giant gorilla. The worst part was the forced romance between the lady doctor (Taylor) and the Colonel (Hopper). As the only woman with a speaking role, Joan Taylor's character is written in a confusing manner. She's a strong-minded woman in the medical profession, who inexplicably changes her mind and falls for the domineering Colonel, besides being your run-of-the-mill creature feature scream queen.

JennyMaude L (gb) wrote: a must for any communist.

Aaron G (es) wrote: Nothing great, but it's vintage King, and it's fun as heck (excuse my language).

Tyler A (ag) wrote: I think they did a pretty good job with mixing the 2 franchises together.the acting isn't good at all and the characters aren't anything special but,good plot.I didn't like all of the CGI and I think that it was unnessesary.They definitely could've developed the characters a lot more. It is my least favorite ( besides remake ) in the nightmare franchise.5/10

Jos M (br) wrote: Excelentes nmeros musicales y una adorable Liza Minelli.

Ashley H (us) wrote: Send Me No Flowers is a cute flower. It is about a hypochondriac who thinks he's dying this time, and makes plans for his wife which she discovers and misunderstands. Rock Hudson and Doris Day give excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. Norman Jewison did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the humor. Send Me No Flowers is a must see.