Let's Go!

Let's Go!

Siu Sheung (Juno Mak) is a solitary and frustrated young man. He works as a delivery boy at a small noodle shop and lives with his mother (Pat Ha) in a large, dilapidated Kowloon housing estate. As a young boy he enjoyed nothing more than watching his favourite anime, Space Emperor God Sigma, and singing along to Leslie Cheung's theme song with his father. However, after seeing his dad shot dead trying to apprehend a bank robber, Siu Sheung has spent the last twenty years wandering aimlessly, looking for a way to bring justice back to the community

Let’s Go! Where? To see the new Wong Ching-Po movie! Stop the presses, because Wong Ching-Po, the director behind overrated triad thriller Jiang Hu, overwrought exploitation flick Revenge a Love Story and simply awful gang drama Ah Sou has made a good film. At least Let’s Go! is entertaining and better than Wong’s most recent efforts, and uses his pretentious filmmaking style in an unexpectedly funny and subversive way. Wong Ching-Po is a decidedly serious director and Let’s Go! is a categorically silly movie. Combine those two logically opposed factors and the resulting product is a strange and also fun flick that simultaneously reveres and sends up the tokusatsu (live-action Japanese superhero) genre. There’s an acquired taste to this sort of thing, but those inclined should be tickled. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura C (br) wrote: Loved this movie, the way it so evoked the atmosphere of being a middle-class, suburban kid in the '70s, and dealing with grown-ups who don't seem to want to grow up, themselves. There's a pervasive sense of danger and mystery, along with some wonderful, quirky humor, vibrant performances, and '70s music. It's definitely a 'small, intimate' movie--don't expect huge guffaws or lots of big 'action movie' moments. Give this one time, enter into its world, get to know its characters' lives, and you will be affected, enjoyably.

Nate (br) wrote: Wasn't too terrible. there are a number of movies with this same idea but the acting was pretty decent and i feel like that had a big impact on this movie. The flashback at the end of the movie about the doll was a nice touch. A viewer can only hope that the antidote got to the final survivor at the end, Could the movie have been better? yes, in a few aspects. But it also could have sucked a lot worse than it did.

Morten E (au) wrote: Anything Anders Thomas Jensen touches is worth a look! When he's directing his own script, the outcome is top notch, but a decent director can't fail badly either! This movie is filled with interesting views on envy in a relationship and the movie has hilarious characters! See this one. You won't regret it!

MB M (ag) wrote: We watched the Superman vs. Brainiac movie. it was, pretty bad. I was so happy to see the DCAU again, but damnit! GENE HACKMAN IS LEX LUTHOR!? wtf is this, 1973. Gene Hackman Luthor with Mercy is just freaking nuts. Brainiac's new voice as alright. But the main thing I hated about the movie, was how god damn irrelevant it was, if Clark At least told Lois he was Superman then the movie would have had some minor accomplishment to itself. In the end, its just a bad situation that in the end retains the Status Quo.

Wil R (nl) wrote: A good movie about the resistance to the Holocaust by some in the military and others in the church.

Robert G (au) wrote: The movie presents itself as one thing, and is moving along at a slow but enjoyable pace. All of the sudden, at about an hour and 45 minutes in the writer and/or director seem to realize it is time to wrap the movie. The movie take a turn out of left field that makes little sense to the story and ends with the viewer staring at the screen in disbelief.

Robbie V (fr) wrote: Sandra Bullock puts in a fine performance but other than that it pretty much put me to sleep.

Hugo G (ru) wrote: Similar (but superior to) Loach's film The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Land and Freedom is a deeply moving portrait of the death of a revolution. Loach intelligently explores the politics of the republican movement, as well as the naive idealism and infighting that brought it down, and the acting throughout is fantastic.

Greg W (ag) wrote: Though the film is flawed, it's still underrated as an exploration of a crucial era of London's pop culture, and the eccentric cast (including David Bowie) adds a lot of color.

Martin B (au) wrote: interesting document og early '70's confrontations between the growing women liberation networks and old world ideas of beauty contests (or a reason to see women parading around in bikinis on stages, streets, hotel lobbys or whatever)Barbara Windsor who had became a regular at this point is just annoying in everything she do, but the rest of the cast is doing a fine job.Wonderful settings, clothings and colours. Even the transistor radio music which doesnt play that big part is wonderful.You could hardly make this kind of movie today. It would just be stupid. That's why this time-travels back to the day is so much fun, because in thoose days things were a bit diffrent and more funky in a way

Luke R (nl) wrote: No wonder Jack Nicholson only plays grumpy characters now. There's enough cheer for all of us in this film, or at least optimism. A true classic.

Vicky S (ca) wrote: Parece irreal, pero es una buena muestra de lo que es la adolescencia. Sigue una especie de patrn de pelcula adolescente, pero tambin en s misma (comienza con Teddy borracho conduciendo y Fred bajndose del auto y termina a la inversa). No hace incapi en los momentos clichs que el resto de pelculas para este tipo de pblico s hacen.

Jessica H (ag) wrote: A younger actor, a few shirtless scenes and it would not look like great gramps needed extra cash, so he's trying to be an action star.