Let's Play House

Let's Play House

Life shines on Jonny, out on daddy-leave. Happily married with Sara, whom with he wants more kids, and about to build a house. But then he meet Rebekka on baby-swimming. He starts messing up what he has, and his parents gets involved.

Married Jonny meets married Rebecka. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (br) wrote: Your Standard Drama Foray With An Added Original Acoustic Guitar Soundtrack. It Has A Bit Of Minor Flame, But The Story & Outcome Is By The Numbers, Going For A Predictable Finish.

Jaret M (ag) wrote: Garbage. Stop making these, I beg you!

Kurt Y (kr) wrote: one of my favorite films ever!

Tim K (gb) wrote: Funny, not great but good.

Cristiano B (kr) wrote: An inspired Argento shoots one of his best (splattery) thrillers. It's hard to explain the fascination that this and other Argento's movies inspire: he spends most of the time showing flowing taps, light bulbs and barking dogs; the dialogues are mindless and the storyline hardly coherent. Yet somehow he makes it. Characteristic of Tenebre, compared to the rest of his production, is the predominance of white and light (which is supposed to contrast with the dark interior of a psychopath's mind). Extra reasons to watch it: good soundtrack by Simonetti-Morante-Pignatelli (ie Goblin, albeit unofficially), Daria Nicolodi is sweet and sexy as ever and Berlusconi's wife gets her hand chopped and dies!

Chad S (it) wrote: If all Hoffman performances fought to the death, this one would stand atop the dead.

Patrick R (br) wrote: Never has a greater movie been made about kicking.

Zach G (ru) wrote: Usually when people think about Disney movies, they reminisce on the warm fuzzy feelings of their childhood and the carefree lives they used to enjoy back in the golden days. However, if anyone actually took the time to watch these awful movies as an adult, you would be horrified at the amount of racist references they include. If you took the time to watch one of these movies today, you would realize that almost all of them incorporate some kinds of racist jokes. I'm looking at you "blackfish" from the Little Mermaid or the jive-talking, stereotypical African American based monkeys in the Jungle Book that just want to become "real people". Even though these examples are pretty obscene, no other movie even comes close as to piling up such a huge amount of racist filth as Dumbo. You may be thinking that I must be wrong. That Dumbo is just a heartwarming tale about a baby elephant that makes the best about an embarrassing physical feature. But it actually is an extremely racist story with huge references to slavery and stereotypical traits of African Americans. Let's start with the crows. During the movie, Dumbo befriends a group of crows that help him throughout his journey. Some of the activities these crows like to do include them using improper English, constantly smoking, wearing pimp hats, and being experts on all things "fly". Do these characteristics remind you of any stereotypical traits associated with any race? If you still have no idea, does the fact that they are portrayed as being extremely uneducated, poor, and ARE THE COLOR BLACK help? Well if not, then maybe we should just look at the main crows name-Jim Crow. For those of you who don't know history, Jim Crow was the guy they named a bunch of laws about that were used to enforce racial segregation up until 1965. If you're still not convinced this movie is extremely racist, we should take a look at another group of characters, the Roustabouts. Do you remember the scene where Dumbo, his friends, and some workers are putting up a circus tent in the rain? Even if you do, you probably don't remember some of the very peculiar traits that workers exhibited. These characters are a group of depressed, faceless dark skinned workers wearing low class 17th-18th century-esque clothing. While they work they sing songs with such lyrics including "we never learned to read or write" and "we slave until were almost dead". If this jab at a horrific part of history wasn't already obvious enough, the writers decided to name the "Roustabouts", which literally translates to "unskilled workers". Looking back though, it's hardly surprising that this movie is racist. It was created in the 1940's which was a time of widespread racial discrimination and segregation. Which coincidentally made the movie even more racist since the only voice actors during this time were white. So, all the characters that were supposed to sound African American, were just voiced by some white dudes trying to do their best "black voice". But, racism aside, the movie was pretty great and will always be a classic in my eyes. Still, there are a lot of plot holes in Dumbo, as the writers couldn't seem to stick to just one era of history to make racist jokes about.

Osie U (jp) wrote: Hilarious, Paul Ruud makes you laugh at every turn.

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: Timothy Dalton gives a more assured performance as Bond in his second movie in the leading role. He also has a better plot which, despite one or two slips, gives 007 plenty to do. Unusually for a Bond movie, the plot concerns a personal issue for the super spy where he seeks to avenge his old friend Felix Leiter after a South American drug baron kills Leiter's new wife and feeds him to his pet shark. There are the usual Bond staples of spectacular hanging out of aeroplane stunts, car chases, casinos, and 5 star hotels in glamorous locations but there are noticeably fewer bikini-clad ladies lounging by the villain's pool. In such big budget movies, it's often the details that let things down and there are some clumsy effects, even allowing for the age of the film. A draw full of obviously rubber maggots and a few plastic fish seem needlessly crude and there's a cringe-worthy winking fountain at the end of the film. There's also a bizarre role for crooner Wayne Newton as a kind of TV evangelist who forms part of the villain's operations, a character that only really fulfils the need to get some kind of over-sized base into the movie. However, this is an assured, if unchallenging movie and I think it is a shame that Dalton moved on from the part following its release. Licence To Kill could have been better and hasn't aged terribly well, however it could have been much, much worse and it did mark a bit of an upward turn for a patchy franchise something that Dalton himself can take much of the credit for.

shai l (us) wrote: This movie proves how important it is to have a good background score to heighten the scare factor. If you want me to pick what was the worst thing in the movie, I would say the 'always on suspense never climaxes' background score. I mean, do you even need to use the 'suspense sound' when the lead character is at the vet?

Peter W (kr) wrote: Has to be one of the best movies of all time..simply brilliant.Plus a tiny speaking role for Michael Caine as a policeman controlling a traffic checkpoint. Yes its a movie of its time but still top drawer.

Senor C (ru) wrote: When I had originally seen Wild Orchid @ the show there was a couple of old hags behind me getting wet @ some of the beef cake in this. I should have returned the favor & told then how fucking hot I thought Carre Otis was & I had a raging boner for her. Mickey Rourke tries to repeat his success that he had w/ 9 1/2 Weeks but sadly this one's not up to par. The plot is almost nonexistent & the acting for the most part is atrocious. Thank God Otis is so beautiful, has such fantastic sugar boobies & a wonderful thatch almost all would be lost. Rourke tries hard to be as cool as Bogie & is probably the best thing about this..except for the nudity. Did I mention the nudity is the major selling point? Pretty bad but an extra 1/2 * for Rourke & Otis's sex scene @ the end & if your going to bother to watch it make sure it's the uncut version so you don't feel like you've wasted the previous 2 hours of your life.