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Radhika (Maia Katrak) has been married for over ten years to Nikhil (Boman Irani) and is having an affair for the past six months with an interior designer, Krish. Radhika is now pregnant with Krish’s child and pours out her plight to a friend, Rita (Anahita Oberoi). She mentions a particular incident where she suffered a miscarriage of their second child that had started the rift.

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Simon D (ca) wrote: Confusing story which takes a lot of thought to figure out but it's quite entertaining. Lot's of disturbing scenes and bizarreness to guarantee it's status as a cult classic.

Christopher B (br) wrote: Eh. Was a little disappointed seeing it on the big screen. Has its moments

John W (kr) wrote: Koontz is a great writer and his stories weave such detailed images. Unfortunately, that is also the thing that usually prevents them from effectively translating to the screen. I didn't think Phantoms was a bad movie (and actually liked the casting), but I suppose that having read the book let me fill in some of the gaps...and honestly I enjoyed the book more.

William T (de) wrote: An invalid is strapped into a high tech bed which tends to his every need. The bed is essentially a futuristic tomb, but designed for someone still alive. This movie, written by Katsuhiro Otomo, is the high comic-satirical mirror image of Otomo's masterpiece Akira. This movie is not as gruesome or apocalyptic as Akira, but it is deadly on target in its satire of how a late stage capitalist society leans on technology to solve problems of basic humanity and care-giving to an absurd degree. It's not a Luddite film by any means, and the ending is surprisingly bracing, exhilarating, and moving all at the same time. See it.

Micheal C (it) wrote: Probably one of my favorite guilty pleasures of all time. A very funny movie (and yes it was intended to be a comedy) that was underappreciated when it was released. Watch it every chance I get

Nathaniel R (gb) wrote: Would not care to see it

Scott R (it) wrote: Another lost review. It's entertaining, but not something to write home about being based around a love affairs with more than six people. They were also intent on a subtle mocking the Nixon GOP throughout.

Andy V (nl) wrote: The sixties were a time when nearly every boundary was tested. In the seventies we began to learn that boundaries don't necessarily restrict freedom but exist to provide elasticity which stretched too thin too fast can break. Carnal Knowledge follows two buddies through their college years and into middle age a period during which the sexual revolution swept many not into a new land of liberation but to a world of sexual dysfunction, misogyny, and oppression. Jack Nicholson is terrific as man who became a callous, self-centered product of the revolution. Art Garfunkel, in a stiff and uninteresting performance, is Nicholson's erudite buddy. Directed by Mike Nichols, the movie lacks the wit of "The Graduate" and Jules Feiffer's script is leaden without a hint of irony that could elevate the film from tolerable to entertaining. Carnal Knowledge is a curio of late sixties/early seventies film-making that captures, depressingly, the underside of the '60s sexual revolution. Perhaps a wittier, lighter touch would have made this a classic.

Amok J (us) wrote: Tamasha - Movie review I usually don't write movie reviews but this movie has created a special place in my heart and mind alike. After listening to so many diverse reviews, went for the movie. Somehow the negative reviews had already made me a little prejudiced. But what the heck, I had nothing more useful to do, and finally went for the movie with very little expectations.The movie starts with a very ordinary beginning - boy meets girl but with a slight twist. They decide not to reveal their true identities. Girl falls for the insanely idiotic and crazy person that Ranbir "pretends" to be. As revealed by the movie promos, Ranbir is a completely sane/normal office going 9-5 wala banda. They anyway start dating and then the usual drudgery creeps in. The scene where Deepika just keeps waving at him day after day is so funny n deep at the same time. You have to watch it to understand it.It's been a while I have laughed my heart out and cried at the same time in a movie. This movie is a beautiful (to say the least) rendition of modern day love stories, mayhem with respect to career progression - money versus passion. Imtiaz Ali beautifully depicts the common man's problems without using any over the top dialogues/drama. For the masala lovers - the movie has sufficient hilarious scenes - some dialogues had me laughing for quite some time. Needless to say fabulous acting by Deepika and Ranbir. Music score - definitely not the mainstream commercial one. I personally loved few songs like 'Agar tum sath ho' and 'matargashti' ."Wat wat wat" is also a kick-ass unconventional number. The second half of the movie was certainly more gripping for me. It takes one special gifted person to change our outlook towards life and if we are lucky enough, we acknowledge and accept him/her. Highly recommended for the crazy folks out there for they will surely see a portion of themselves in the movie. Imtiaz Ali I bow to thee! ?

Keldon M (ag) wrote: A generous, not "solid," two stars.

Derrick M (ca) wrote: Gory and one dimensional with a wee bit of history thrown in

Ajay N (gb) wrote: Hugely entertaining than lot of movies with some breathtaking camerawork....Loved every second of it....

Melati S (fr) wrote: handsome, posh awwww.. haha