Let's Talk About Women

Let's Talk About Women

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Fernando B (it) wrote: No es para un domingo a la tarde... Aviso!

Ben H (au) wrote: good cast, and a great story, but bit of a poor ending and didn't really go anywhere

Ronnie P (jp) wrote: At times very surreal and poignant, I really identified with the protagonist.

Jennifer S (it) wrote: he is such an amazing actor! Williams is the best!

Johnny L (it) wrote: Lee Harvey!!! Yoouuu are a madman!!

Jan C (ru) wrote: entertaining enough. but don't expect it to be more than it is. haha i enjoyed it tho.

Barry N (it) wrote: This is the film all Peanuts fans deserve. It's moving, a tearjerker, and funny.

Manny C (kr) wrote: It has a pretty uninteresting script, but Gene Kelly rocks it as usual. Kelly and Mitzi Gaynor give us some sweet dance and song numbers, with Kelly looking super sexy as he always did.

Bheema D (es) wrote: It successfully captures the nostalgic style of a time and place long gone, but unlike another certain movie titled after one of America's greatest cultural centers, this movie is not the fantasy of the director; in fact, it has quite a lot on its mind to say.

Kai R (kr) wrote: A film that simultaneously handles superb horror, and comedy elements, with ease.

Matt D (de) wrote: It's always a bit dicey revisiting a film from your childhood and even though 'Lady and the Tramp' was never one of my favorite Disney flicks as a kid, I wasn't quite sure what to expect upon giving it a fresh look as an adult. Luckily, I was left completely charmed by the film! As a recently new dog owner I found myself connecting to the pups in a way I never did as a kid and found myself absolutely giddy at any scene involving puppies, which the Disney animators nailed to perfection. The less said about the Siamese cat song the better...

Jerome R (kr) wrote: Hands down, the best zombie film to come out in years. Where the walking dead fails on a weekly basis, this film succeeds.