Let the Wind Blow

Let the Wind Blow

A collegian in turbulent Mumbai attempts to improve his lifestyle.

A collegian in turbulent Mumbai attempts to improve his lifestyle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve R (jp) wrote: Good fun, and a great buddy movie team-up combo.

Bruce S (mx) wrote: I give Grizzly Park such a high rating strictly for its use of 'bear attacks', aforementioned cliche and token characters, and overall comedic timing of bad moments. This movie is absolutely worth your time and hell, maybe even your money if you've got a group of friends ready to sit back on a hilariously awful ride.

Hanna H (us) wrote: This made absolutely no sense. Terrible.

Elena G (kr) wrote: Muhammad: legacy of a prophet is a movie about Muhammad(TM)s life. It is a documentary. This man changed the world in just 23 years which still effects and has an impact on the world today. It starts talking about Muhammad(TM)s early life. He lived and grew up living with his Uncle who taught him to be a shepherd. His mother died when he was just six years old. He worked for an older wealthy woman where Muhammad would take her goods to Syria for her. Her name was khadija which later became his wife. When Muhammad finally reached his forties he traveled to the glens of Mecca where there wasn(TM)t a house in sight. He was mediating when a voice came to him and told him to recite these words. Muhammad was like no no I am not a recite but the voice just kept pressuring him so it did. He then ran to his wife and put his head in her lap and cried out his woes to her. I liked when they talk about the 9/11 and the fireman. It goes to show that the Muslim faith feels just as horrible as everyone else. I also enjoyed the part about the soup kitchen. Most of the people who work at the kitchen are Muslims while the majority of people eating there are not Muslims. The go on to talk about the hijab which most Muslim women wear them because Muhammad(TM)s wives wore them and it is a sign of modesty. It is sad that her parents do and don(TM)t want her wearing the hijab just because on how people will react to them. Muhammad made the first mosque in Medina. He made it so the Muslim people could come too. It is where Muhammad taught about limited rules about arms in fighting. The battle of Badr was a landmark but mistake in Muslim history. He didn(TM)t want to fight the Mecca people but he led the Muslims to fight. I like how they have people reciting things in Arabic. They explain how polygny is more about how someone will be there to take care of their wives if something happens. This was a very interesting movie and I learned a lot of information about Muhammad and Islam.

Jeff J (es) wrote: A rare 5/5. Flawless execution. Action is good, joke is good, and even a pretty deep philosophy. I give great films 4/5. To get 5/5 it must "wow" me and indeed this masterpiece did.

lateshia t (jp) wrote: This kid is awesome.

Pavan R (de) wrote: Though a remake of a Hollywood movie..have to say was well adapted and enacted ...good one watch it !

Kim S (gb) wrote: One of the most painfull and interesting movies ever made. It is a horrible portrait of our civilization.

Sunil J (fr) wrote: What the hell is the point of this movie!?? It's rediculous and BORING! I didn't even care why the family was so crazy.

Caleb C (au) wrote: I knew it was going to be bad but this was just down right painful!

Justin A (es) wrote: Don't really have much to say about this one. It's a classic Vincent Price/Roger Corman movie that takes on Edgar Allen Poe. There were tons of these movies and they're mostly pretty good (even if they have little to do with the stories they're titled after). Like all those other movies, there are great set pieces with stone abbeys, castles, and tombs covered in cobwebs and shadows. These movies always have a great atmosphere and mood. And, as usual, Vincent Price is great in the lead role. This movie gets a bit slow about midway through when he marries his new wife, but the finale picks up at the end. My biggest concern with the movie was the lack of understanding of the new wife's motivation. Was she trying to drive him mad? Was it all an innocent mistake? Maybe I missed something (I'm sure I did as I watched this early in the day and was sort of in the middle of things while watching it). Still, great movie that's worth checking out if you love these old Price movies.

Tyler S (de) wrote: Simplistic fun little film. Sorta just passes from one fish out of water scenario after the next with very little else, but it's got a great ending.

Charlie G (fr) wrote: Did care for this one. Wasn't really funny a d basically had no plot.

Tim K (ag) wrote: May not be completely coherent, but does offer great suspense and some genuinely creepy moments. Well worth the look.