Let's Be Evil

Let's Be Evil

A woman enters an underground bunker where gifted children use virtual reality technology to wreak havoc.

Desperately in need of money to care for a sick parent, Jenny (Elizabeth Morris) takes a job supervising children at a learning center for gifted students who use virtual reality technology to wreak havoc. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David P (fr) wrote: Every fall I get together with my grade school Connecticut pals and we take a 3/4 dayroad trip to some where in the United States. We are all in our mid 50's now and beenfriends forever.I had a sense from the one preview I saw that this was a a buddy road trip sort of movieand it was though the gents were in their late 60's or early 70's. Essentially 2 ex brothersin-laws, one a recently retired doctor (Earl Lynn Nelson) and the other a down on his luckand his money widower (Paul Eenhoom). Both are likable and look familar (didn't researchtheir filmography)In short, they are cruising around Iceland, mainly in the barren but beautiful hinderlandstrying to find their youth, their sense of adventure and plus solidify a long gone friendship.Only 96 minutes long, this film moves along but to nowhere in particular. There is a goodbit of advise they share, particularly the doctor, with younger folk they meet along thejourney.The travel all about this remote country in a huge, gas guzzling H2 Hummer, yet there isnot a single mention of running low on gas, finding a gas station etc. Maybe I'm justbeing picky but I kept thinking this throughout the film.Plenty of nice, funny, interpersonal banter throughout and I really enjoyed. Perfect filmfor The Showroom in Asbury Park. I do hope that we have their sense of adventure andyouthful spirit at their age. The film had very little discussion, if any, on either othersmedical ailments which added to their youthful spirit.

Uma P (ca) wrote: I wil rate this as 100%

Flutie A (jp) wrote: I'll probably wait for DVD on this one....plus, it's nearly 3 hours!

Christopher E (fr) wrote: Almost not shit... Almost.

Annette L (ca) wrote: after reading some of the mixed reviews below..I've changed my mind about this one. I like Patrick Swayze, in general...

Des S (ca) wrote: I was excited to see this movie, but I felt like it lacked romance.

Brad R (it) wrote: There aren't a lot of romantic comedies geared towards men. This is one of them, and it really works. While it might not be the best movie, it's a damn entertaining film. The cast of divorced men, Paul Reiser, Matthew Modine and Randy Quaid, have great chemistry together.

Phil H (ru) wrote: The first PA film I saw back when I was but a mere sprog and to this day I still think its probably the best of the bunch. Pretty much all the cast return for this assignment, well the main cast, and the story continues on from their graduation of the Police Academy. I do like that this film series manages to keep continuity time after time, gotta give kudos for that with such a big cast.The plot is again very simple, the new officers are all doing well in their respective roles but are called on to help Cmdt. Eric Lassard's brother. It seems his precinct is the worse in the city (unknown which city) thanks to a ruthless gang of thugs. So its up to the new rookie officers to clean up the neighbourhood, Academy style.So yes the story continues on from where the last left off which is good, the cast are all present and correct which is good and there are some new officers to enjoy in this new precinct. Again this film is still aimed towards an adult audience which assists it in being a much better comedy vehicle in my opinion. The old characters are on form and all doing their thing as expected, Mahoney still being a wet little goodie goodie, Tackleberry with his array of weapons etc...but they are now up against a new superior in the form of the excellent Art Metrano as Lt/Capt. Mauser.Now I really must give much kudos to Metrano here, this guy is even better than Bailey as Harris, in a different way. I really really liked this ass kissing slimebucket so much, the way he ridicules the new rookies, the way he bullies his sidekick Proctor and of course the way he kisses ass. The tomfoolery on show is even more outrageous and rude than the previous film with nudity, especially from Metrano, but this guy just makes it work. The way he screams out 'Proctor!!' and the way he verbally duels with Mahoney can be at times really funny.Lt. Mauser: 'Mahoney, what kind of clown do you think I am?'Mahoney: 'A juggling clown?'Kudos also to Lance Kinsey as Sgt. Proctor who is another fine example of a dimwitted sidekick. He doesn't do much apart from suck up to Mauser but its just the way he does it. Love the way he switches from a grovelling butt licker with Mauser, to trying to be a strong authority figure around the other officers. This duo are the best thing about this film and the franchise really.Chief Hurst: 'Mauser, you're the most incredible ass kisser I have ever seen.'Lt. Mauser: 'Thank you very much, sir. I do my best.'There are some other good new characters here too. Howard Hesseman as Capt. Peter 'Pete' Lassard actually puts in a good heart warming performance as the all round good guy Captain, one of the few actors giving the film some proper credibility. This film also has the great honour of introducing the insane Bobcat Goldthwait to the world as the infantile gang leader. Can't deny his performance is unique but I still do wonder about this guys mental makeup, and I still don't know if he actually talks like that in real life?. Small mention for the other odd looking character in Tim Kazurinsky as Sweetchuck who certainly gives a good show as an elderly little man, was he suppose to be elderly? Again the comedy duo of Sweetchuck and Zed is actually pretty good, cool that it continues into the third film too.Of course the humour is totally childish and puerile but I think by now we all know the game here don't we. Most of this film actually consists of the boys in blue doing something, Mauser sticking a spanner in the works and then Mahoney getting revenge with some silly prank. The best of which is easily the glue in the shower sequence which leads to Mauser wearing a wig for the rest of the film. So utterly immature yet quite a nasty thing to do lets be honest, but admittedly hilarious. Never let under age kids see this film because it is most definitely a bad influence, making dogs run out into heavy traffic?? errrr...keep the kids away!I think the start of the film is much better than the finale, the rookies getting to know Mauser and being shown the ropes etc...The ending does become a bit cartoonish with some nasty pratfalls and hokey ass gang member action, but when that musical score begins to swell you can't help but kinda enjoy it. Still not too sure why they have that 90 year old looking officer in the police station just sitting around, why would he be there??

Mark A (ag) wrote: This turned out to be a ham-fisted and theologically suspect film about a possible scenario at the end of the age, utilizing a lot of the imagery and the narrative as found in the book of The Revelation of John. Mimi Rogers was very good as Sharon, a woman who finds God when her empty, hedonistic lifestyle bottoms out. Her quest for meaning for her life was fairly well portrayed although this viewer found her modesty a bit off putting, if she was supposed to be that into the swinging lifestyle. (Must have had a no nudity clause in her contract.) The performance of David Duchovny struck this viewer as pretty wooden and left one wondering how he went from interested skeptic to heart-felt believer. One also found oneself wondering about the connections between some of the characters. A little more back story would have lifted a bit of the fog surrounding them. And the loss of faith at the end seemed unnecessarily melodramatic. But, even with its many flaws, there was a lot to chew on here and for that it gets an otherwise undeserved third star.

Christian S (jp) wrote: Une comdie amoureuse l.gre base sr les mimiques de Hugh Grant. Moyen mais passe le temps.