Letter from an Unknown Woman

Letter from an Unknown Woman

A pianist about to flee from a duel receives a letter from a woman he cannot remember. As she tells the story of her lifelong love for him, he is forced to reinterpret his own past.

Set in Vienna in 1900, the movie follows young pianist, Stefan Brand, who about to flee from a duel receives a letter from a woman he cannot remember, who may hold the key to his downfall. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pasquale S (gb) wrote: Once of the worst movies I have ever seen. You have to wait 90 minutes for something to happen. Then it's just an excruciatingly painful series of gore filled scenes for no reason but to shock. It didn't work at all. Visually at times it was captivating, but that is no excuse for a total lack of story, or real character development. The deepest moment of the movie came with this classic line, 'Beauty Isn't Everything, It's the Only Thing.' That's it! Really! That is it! I think Shakespeare just pooped himself.

Ryan L (ca) wrote: It's a shame that the professional critics gave this such a poor rating. For the comedic aspect and rarely taking itself serious, this is just plain good fun.

Alex A (ca) wrote: Earth to Echo easily could have been a solid family flick but fell short unfortunately thanks to an underwhelming script. The found-footage gimmick was unnecessary, the performances were too obvious, the dialogue was too corny even for my suspension of disbelief, and Echos background story wasn't delved into enough for me to feel attached and impacted when he departed. Little kids may enjoy it, but adult viewers who've seen E.T. will see the obvious inspiration Earth to Echo garners from it, and fails to match.

Irvin C (kr) wrote: This is a documentary made in the tradition of "The Thin Blue Line" and "Paradise Lost." It's about the miscarriage of justice, only this time it hits close to home for me. It tells the story of a young man (and 6 others) who were convicted of the brutal murder and rape of two young women but this guy could not have possibly committed it since the murders happened in Cebu and he was clearly seen in Manila, the capital city in a whole other island, by 40+ witnesses.. An eye-opening look into the justice system of my country. I always knew that there's lots of corruption and disgusting things happening in our government but I had no idea it was THIS bad. It's disturbing, infuriating and heartbreaking.

Sean P (nl) wrote: Funny in parts, but very predictable, even though they made it seem like it wasn't with his dialogue at the end.

Frank P (mx) wrote: Run Bitch Run my dvd of the month ....say no more!

Jerry C (jp) wrote: A little comedy about an elementary school staff (all underachievers, led by Jason Biggs) that takes up the glove against a crooked principal that wants to shut down the school. And guess who wins?

Kathleen W (it) wrote: Hilarious! Actually funnier than the Birds. I keep this loaded all the time for quick, much needed laughter. You shouldn't watch it while you're at work. Your laughter will be heard from many cubicles away and they'll KNOW you aren't working. LOL!

Jutatuch V (it) wrote: A good movie with an interesting way to tell the story through different characters' race that has the same goal of being accepted into the American's soil. The acting is also great. The plot itself is emotional and gets people to think on the immigration issues and might as well as making the viewers have more sympathy to migrants in the country.

Lori B (it) wrote: The first five minutes of this movie are hilarious, and then it switches gears into an oddball buddy picture, a bit light on plot but heavy on charm. This is not a film for people who must always have substance over style, because this movie is very much about style. I enjoyed this movie a lot, mostly, I suspect, because it goes out of its way to be fun.

Martin D (gb) wrote: Not completely sure what the fuss was about.

Greg W (gb) wrote: if u like movies like 'Ole Yeller" or "marley & me" like I do you'll love this adventure yarn

Shawn W (ru) wrote: Mary is a reasonably talented American artist living in Mexico who is also a serial killer who drinks her victim's blood. Her long missing father also turns up in Mexico doing the same thing making quite a confusing case for Mexican investigators. Bizarre beach scene has locals stabbing a shark who has come near shore but is not tied to the film's plot.

Tyler E (ru) wrote: one of the best franco nero westerns, but probably not as good as django (or django strikes again)

Matt D (ru) wrote: Best heist movie ever? Quite possibly yes!This belongs on (if not at the top of) a list of movies made before their time. From the painstakingly created low-tech but inventive heist to the brilliantly brutal events that follow, Jules Dassin, created a classic crime drama here that clearly inspired countless writers and directors in the decades since it first appeared.

Katherine B (it) wrote: Oh what a clever thriller. Some really memorable scenes. Much better than equivalent material produced today.

Paul D (es) wrote: Maybe this was good when it was new, but by today's standards, it is an absolute snore-fest! Clint Eastwood is great, but the story moves at such a slow pace that I stopped caring long before the movie ended.

Mark P (ag) wrote: The best crime film ever made. I've lost count how many times I've seen it, and every time I have just as much enjoyment as the first time I saw it when it came out. The only problem is my natural cockney accent comes back for a few hours straight after, which can be a problem when you live in Canada as no-one can understand a word I say.

Rob A (it) wrote: Chick flick. The girl is really hot!

Leah B (ru) wrote: 'Shenandoah' is officially the first Western I've ever watched- and I mean really focus and watch. I've never really been one for Westerns; people around me have watched them before, and something about angry, old men with guns in the desert didn't really appeal to me then. But I have to say...I think does now.This is a really solid film, Western or not, carried almost entirely by Jimmy Stewart- the rest of the acting in this movie was basically nonexistent or sub par, other than the role of 'Boy' (yes, that was his name in the credits), who I thought did a fine job, too. What was really appealing to me was the situation this family found themselves in during such a difficult time in history. It's one of those films that presents you with a situation and almost asks you what you would do- and I honestly have no idea. It centers around a family living in Confederate Virginia during the Civil War who doesn't support the cause of the Confederacy (and are called cowards for not fighting), but are simultaneously being attacked by the North for the sole fact that they live where they live. 'Shenandoah' is very tragic and difficult movie that somehow manages to be uplifting at the same time. As a Western and as a film in general, I definitely recommend it. Oh, and this is my first glimpse of angry, gun-toting Jimmy Stewart. Me like.