Letter Never Sent

Letter Never Sent

Four geologists search for diamonds in the wilderness of Siberia.

Four geologists are searching for diamonds in the wilderness of Siberia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rick R (br) wrote: Why We Ride (2013)This is not a movie that you'll see on TV, so if you get a chance to view this movie, see it. This is a documentary about motorcycles. You can't help thinking of the movie On Any Sunday (1971), but this one is incredible with modern wide-screen photography and sound quality. There's a full orchestra and choir that gives you the shivers as you see people riding motorcycles across beautiful landscapes.It covers the many types of motorcycles, their sporting events, and the many characters that talk about their love of motorcycles; some of them aren't even teen agers yet, and some of them are old-timers, pioneers of the motorcycle racing world. There are amazing stories of how motorcycles have literally changed people's lives, but mostly it's about the love affair that riders have with their motorcycles and how it makes them feel.I'm a scooter rider myself, so naturally, I may be prejudiced, but I loved this movie and I think that even if you're not a motorcycle enthusiast, that you'll enjoy this movie too.

Harry D (fr) wrote: made from three separate horror movies all which seem to be made on a small budget. some of the ideas seem decent but none of the films really deliver a decent thrill that you may expect from films in this genre making the compilation a bit of a flop.

Luke F (us) wrote: A solid film but nothing spectacular. I have rewatched it a few times and I haven't regretted doing so. The cast is stellar and tells a fascinating story.

Jessica L (ru) wrote: I don't know why I expected something better than this. I guess since the series is so well written, even though it's geared toward preteens and I'm in my 20s, I was expecting the same out of the movie. My advice: make an Alice movie out of the later books when she's older.

kat k (gb) wrote: dont copy julia roberts

shane g (nl) wrote: temptation of the wolfkang dong won

Private U (es) wrote: It's nice to know Whoopi is still around.

Chelsea S (us) wrote: got this cause of Rainn Wilson... he was hardly in it, and it was stupid as hell!!

IslandDreamer (kr) wrote: I adore this movie and can't explain why. It's fun!

Bob E (au) wrote: I enjoyed this flick

Leslie N (au) wrote: ...and the David Duchovny marathon continues. Sweet little movie!

Paul C (fr) wrote: Great concept but ultimately fairly dull and pedestrian in its execution - Hauer and Richardson are good enough, but its budgetary constraints allow it little in the way of convincing atmosphere.

Kenny V (nl) wrote: Smart, smart, smart dialogue driven indie.

Michelle B (kr) wrote: I seen this movie when i was a kid , me and my sister loved it!

Byron B (nl) wrote: Lots of informative special features on this newly released Criterion Collection blue-ray/dvd combo. There's an interview with composer, Ennio Morricone, who wrote a very memorable soundtrack for this picture. There's a documentary about writer/director Elio Petri's career. There's also a documentary about star Gian Maria Volont. Petri often told stories that were anti-fascist or anti-authoritarian. His movies could get him in trouble with the Italian authorities of the time. Volont, himself, was active in political protests. He would often march with students protesting the fascist system. In this movie, Volont plays a role that is completely opposite from who he was in real life. He is a clean-cut police chief who transfers from the homicide division to the political division. Right at the top, he murders his mistress and even plants some clues that could lead back to himself just to prove that he is above suspicion. We see the chief belittling the men who take charge of the homicide division, even as they investigate his murder, and we see the extent of wire-tapping and files kept on subversives in Rome. The chief makes a speech about criminals being the same as subversives. He also says that "repression is civilization!" In flashbacks, we see how the chief met his murder victim. Augusta Terzi (Bolkan) is a kinky fetishist. Talk about Fifty Shades of Grey. Augusta loves to play dominance/submission games. Together, she and the chief, re-enact the crime scenes of murder victims he has found throughout his career. At first, she is submissive. The chief compares the police to God and parents who punish their children. Like Eve in the garden of Eden, Augusta is presented as the evil influence that tempts the chief to commit crimes because he is above the law. Then, suddenly, the chief can't handle it when Augusta reverses her role and begins making him feel inadequate. This is his excuse for murdering her. The chief develops an obsessive neurosis to prove that he is above the law. The surreal ending shows a couple possible outcomes. The police activities are often shown to be hidden underground. The camera often views the action from overhead. It is all quite visceral and it ends with a quote from Franz Kafka.

Norbert B (de) wrote: Egy n? lelknek megismerse egy Nietzsche idzet alapjn.

Martin T (it) wrote: An amazing Brazilian silent, in which a man and two women are (without explanation) adrift at sea in a small boat, and each recalls some scenario from their past. This is the only film by Mario Peixoto, which is a damn shame because his work has a haunting poetry that immediately sucked me in and wouldn't let go. Along with cinematographer Edgar Brasil, he crafts shots that feel so intuitive that they seem like the film stock itself suggested them. I know that's a loopy and vague comment to make, but something about the way this movie was put together just sang to me... this thick air of melancholy and reverie and desperation. The music selection (Satie, Debussy, Stravisky, and more). A couple of parts were a bit sluggish, but I need to watch it when I'm a little less tired.

Gabriel L (gb) wrote: Man, I want to see this so bad!

Drew R (jp) wrote: Wtf I already saw and reviewed this. Oh well, I watched it a second time and about 1/3 in realized I had seen it before. J Law and Felicity are wonderful, but it's not that thrilling. If anything, it's another reminder that hot guys get hot women and do lovey things that average guys like myself don't get to experience. #bitter

Jeremy M (ag) wrote: Feeds all the cliches that fit its agenda. Preaches its morals loud and clear. Nauseating from start to finish.