Letter to Jane: An Investigation About a Still

Letter to Jane: An Investigation About a Still

The film's subject is a photograph of Jane Fonda visiting Hanoi during the Vietnam War. It asks what the position of the intellectual should be in the class struggle and points out the irony of Jane Fonda's participation in the photo shoot, which was staged.

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Felix N (ag) wrote: Not as sad as i thought, at least not as sad as 7 Pounds. And, I must say, the ending is fulfilling, shining, outstanding...

Agripino V (ag) wrote: Nice movie... i like it.

Curtis S (ru) wrote: This movie is a waste of money!

Private U (jp) wrote: interesting little gay-ish flick, enjoyed the rather unconventional ending

familiar s (kr) wrote: May 18, 2009Wonder why Aamir went for it. He mimicked Surya (original Ghajini's lead actor) for most of the part, which was something I never expected from Aamir. Also, the movie was hardly interesting or entertaining for me and certain things were overdone and repetitive. Really a bad one which did pretty good at the B.O.!!!The concept of Memento could have been far well utilized for an adapted plot if the makers weren't willing to go with it as it was. This Ghajini has some fine songs, but then is full of cliches and conventional execution. The dialogues and dialogue delivery are terrible. Seems like watching some B grade romantic action film. Don't ask.

Russ B (kr) wrote: 12/22/2016: A decent movie and better than episode one.

Eric H (ca) wrote: Here was a movie surprise, entertaining us all the way, over it's two and a half hours running time, the story sucking you in like a vacuum. This is one movie I've been so engrossed by,This film is emotionally and spiritually challenging, hammering at conventional morality... Not many movies like this get made, because not many filmmakers are so bold, angry and defiant. Like many truly spiritual films, it will offend the Pharisees. It's a long, exhausting film (a little over two and half hours), but it is worth every second. Truly magical.

Ian H (de) wrote: In the sixth installment of the second Godzilla movie series, Godzilla has to save the planet earth from his evil double from outer space, Spacegodzilla. This movie is probably the worst of the second series. It has so many problems that it out ways the pros of the movie. The first problem is that the movie is boring. There is barely any monster fights and it focuses more on the humans, which is another problem with the movie. The humans are so uninteresting and boring you really don't care for them and sometimes are annoying and cliche. The next problem is that there are so many plot points in the movie and most of them are either executed so quickly that you just don't care about, don't even matter or never brought up again. The last problem is that some of the special effects look rushed. In some scenes you can see the suits falling apart or see the strings that are holding the props. One good thing about the movie is that the action is really good and are really interesting to watch.Final Verdict- Besides having good action, there's nothing really interesting in this movie. I don't really recommend this movie to anyone except maybe for hardcore Godzilla fans. I give this movie a 2 out of 5 stars.

Matt F (it) wrote: Alfred Molina is soooo good, he'll scare you.

Danny M (ag) wrote: Good comedy! Granted a bit dated now. But still a great comedy!

Jacob G (ru) wrote: Here's a fun little sci-fi film. The effects might be dated and the female stereotypes annoying, but it's definitely worth watching. Food for the creative mind.

Sam K (us) wrote: In all typical lights of criticism, this is a terrible movie, however, it'll find a place in your heart if you're a fan of grindhouse Hong Kong movies. (all 11 of you.) It's about an old guy who throws a hat with razor blades in it to decapitate people, what more do you need?

Matthew S (au) wrote: I've seen Peter Weir's acclaimed classic three times -- two of them in a cinema. There is a haunting beauty here. Russell Boyd's cinematography is stunning. The problem I encountered during all three viewings - Zamfir's instrument and musical score make my skin crawl - and not in an intended way. I despise the music in this film so much, it is impossible for me to enjoy it -- no matter how hard I try.

Mike N (gb) wrote: "These kids are going nowhere, and their trying to get there at 150mph!" This line sums up how great this movie was. Although a very G rated campy and an obvious cautionary tale about the dangers of youth and fast cars, it holds up as a dated 60's romp.

Cody C (kr) wrote: One of my favorite movies!

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Andrew B (mx) wrote: If your like me, you have probably worked a few jobs in your lifetime that you just simply hate. You dread waking up in the morning and sitting in traffic to get to a place you really don't want to arrive at. It has never really been co workers that have gotten on my nerves, but the actual job and a few bosses have annoyed me to no end. Maybe that is why I love Office Space so much. It is pretty much a movie about a group of guys who hate their job and they set out on a ridiculous plan to bring down the company and get rich in the process of doing it. Well, needless to say it doesn't work, but nonetheless its a hilarious movie. Office Space has some of the funniest characters I've seen in a while. And if you work in an office with a bunch of other people, maybe for a large corporation, you'll probably enjoy the satire in this movie as well.

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