Lettere dalla Sicilia

Lettere dalla Sicilia

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Luciano G (jp) wrote: This movie is about friendship, co-depending, being lonely, about friends being your only family and of course... about growing up....

Kelly P (it) wrote: Fantastic! Sad. Two Thumbs Way Way Up!It was great to see Ebert's license plate was "Movies"I laughed, I cried; it was better than CATS.

Ste H (kr) wrote: Amazing story well told with sensitivity and intelligence.

Edward K (gb) wrote: meh this was pretty good but edward furlong is amazing

Hanson M (au) wrote: I don't see how anyone could not like this movie, good action, good story, and really good acting

Dylan H (fr) wrote: One of the best films I've seen about what war does to the people prosecuting it. Also a searing indictment of the everyday war crimes of the Iraq occupation, all from the mouths of the haunted perpetrators.

Ashley H (ca) wrote: Tortilla Soup is an endearing film. It is about a Mexican-American master chef and father to three daughters has lost his taste for food but not for life. Hector Elizondo and Tamara Mello give excellent performances. The screenplay is good but a little slow in places. Maria Ripoll did a great job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the romance.

David B (mx) wrote: If terrible acting, ear splitting dialogue, and a kick-ass monster fight at the end are your thing, then Godzilla 2000 won't disappoint.

Jim J (jp) wrote: Bra skdespeleri men inte mycket till film....


Ilija (br) wrote: I enjoy Baraka but recommend against it. I grew up suckling television. It warped me some. This beautifully photographed film denotes that sort of thing. You know, the fast-food served sort of spirituality. Sheesh

Amy F (br) wrote: A girl goes from a show girl to a nun, thats a big transformation.

Camille L (ag) wrote: Tres etrange, sans veritable histoire, ce plongeon dans l'oeuvre de KAFKA, a travers un personnage du nom du celebre auteur, beneficie de l'interpretation irreprochable de JEREMY IRONS et de la realisation fantastique de STEVEN SODERBERGH, il manque malheureusement a ce film un fil conducteur.

Nate W (jp) wrote: Ettore Scola's "La Nuit de Varennes" frames the various viewpoints and attitudes in France in the ides of the French Revolution through an unlikely group of travelers making their way to Varennes, the town where Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were captured while trying to escape Paris on June 20, 1791. Though it never fully takes off or succeeds as a compelling narrative, it is an interesting social study featuring a strong cast headed by the wonderful Marcello Mastroianni as a vain Casanova. Gabriella Pescucci's costumes are elegant and in tune with all the differing characterizations.

Bruno M (es) wrote: Reall great movie. Yojimbo is better though. :)

Giuseppe P (mx) wrote: Uno dei capolavori del neorealismo italiano, molto amaro, ahim attuale, sull'impossibilit di arrivare alla fine del mese per un pensionato che riesce a trovare l'unica ragione di vita nel proprio cane. Desta particolare curiosit la figura disperata ma sorridente di Umberto D., interpretata da un grande glottologo italiano.

bloodywhitetrap (ag) wrote: its OK for the scene where you see demi Moore naked stupid beside that

Mate F (nl) wrote: I am yet again disappointed by bad critic and low percentage that rotten tomatoes gave to some movie. First of all this is spectacle, really epic movie and historically correct one. I dont know what is wrong with the people rating this when they gave it 39%. So, the background to the story is Balian and his life, I mean, this movie covers a time lapse of 10 years or so which means that any critic that movie lacks depth is just pure stupidity. I would like to see anyone else doing what Ridley Scott did with such epic event and how would anybody else squeeze 10 years of very significant events in to one movie. The other thing, far more important is that Scott sticks to history, he doesnt add to movie something that hadnt happened (which could make it probably more acceptable to dumb people unaware that this is history interpretation) but rather tells a story of siege of Jerusalem. So, plot was excellent, and so was casting. The only thing that perhaps lacks is fighting for the city itself, I mean, it has it all, the epic speeches before battle, heroes who you will adore and enemies who you will respect. The fight was a little bit odd sometimes, but good overall.I suggest to anyone who is criticing this movie badly to read and learn history for this event really did happened and it was massive. Also search for Crusades at least on the internet before watching this. The director obviosly made the movie for someone with education, not morons. So learn about some characters beacuse it is expected of you to know it.

Andrew M (br) wrote: Alongside a strong performance from Mads Mikkelsen, Nicolas Winding Refn has created a mystical film in Valhalla Rising, with a surreal story that manages to be simultaneously fascinating and incoherent.