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Lettomania torrent reviews

Ken D (ru) wrote: Kevin Sorbo returns for another great movie as a sheriff.

Michael S (mx) wrote: The further into the series you go, the worse the movies get.

Giorgio P (ag) wrote: I've always enjoyed lord of war. It reminds me of martin scorsese's movies. How it narrates through events in the character's life, then shows the outcome in the final act.

Bradley W (br) wrote: Drowning Mona doesn't leave an impression on you and will be forgotten quickly. Just not funny.

Ileana A (es) wrote: The movie was good from the psychological perspective not by the romantic part.

Allison W (es) wrote: funny and a cute movie!

claire f (de) wrote: i loved this as a kid and i still love it to this day

Jeremy H (nl) wrote: You don't need a forge to harden your steel when watching Barbarian Queen. The recently murdered Lana Clarkson and Pals do that for you! This movie has everything: Crisp script-writing, compelling characters, big breasted women stretched on a torture rack...really, what else could you want? Unless...UNLESS, you want Frank Zagarino! And you GET Frank Zagarino! Rent this movie immediately.

Chris B (es) wrote: An ok film with some good laughs. Carey gets points to add in his slapstick comfy which feels a bit forced.

Jim B (gb) wrote: Great dialogue, acting and story.

Nick D (it) wrote: A true, creepy, inspired, iconic masterpiece.

bill s (au) wrote: A lot more drama than action or mystery but still worth staying for the outcome.

James R (jp) wrote: Phenomenal movie. Acting was great. The storyline had me on the edge of my seat throughout the duration of the film. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is not sober.

Jussi M (ag) wrote: Lynch on Lynch. Taas sorkitaan alitajuntaa...