Letty Lynton

Letty Lynton

Wealthy socialite Letty Lynton is returning to New York, abandoning one-tine lover Emile Renaul in South America, when she strikes up a shipboard romance with Jerry Darrow. Renault is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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PJ P (gb) wrote: Convincing and harrowing. But remember this is a movie about a palliative care nurse. Watch it. As long as you don't expect to enjoy it

Bonnie R (de) wrote: 88131205hr. hr2008

Mara A (au) wrote: Horrible movie. I gave up waiting for it to get funny.

Skyler B (us) wrote: They have porn on the internet... and yet...?

SagaciousFrank (it) wrote: Typical Guy Ritchie Fare. Pretentious and in no way as clever as it tries to make out with its snappy and garrulous dialogue, featuring a plethora and motley mish-mash of under-developed characters and interlacing plot-lines that aren't fully fleshed out, and it moves along a little too quickly for its own good. Plot holes and loose ends aside, I can't for one moment believe that some of the strung out junkies and wasters could be that articulate and lucid in their discourse, especially if there were that high. Admittedly, that's a minor gripe which I could tolerate if the rest of the film wasn't such a disjointed, if mildly entertaining, mess. Sadly the style does not quite triumph over the dearth of substance on offer here. Almost, but quite. 2.5/5

Felix L (au) wrote: How much does a man get paid in England that he can sweep up in a factory and afford an ex-wife, a house and 2 kids? Shit I must be doing something wrong.

Private U (es) wrote: Kinky and queer. Approaches an unpopular topic in a cool way.

Mohet N (kr) wrote: The name's deceiving. It has nothing to do with the movie. It's just a love story set during somewhere in the 15th or 16th century India.

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