Level Up

Level Up

Four very different high school teenagers battle trolls, ghouls and a dark leader of them named Maldark in a video game that goes haywire and releases the battle into the real world (IMDb.com).

The movie follows four very different high school teenagers as they save the world from a video-game villain who moves into the real world through a portal that is accidentally opened. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mitch S (kr) wrote: Is there gona be a sequel?

Carol H (kr) wrote: This ended up being a lot more depressing than I was expecting. It sucks to be reminded that gender equality still has a long way to go.

Zenaida R (ca) wrote: I am so tired of 3-d movies and those stupid glasses! Instead of something making it seem like we are participating, we actually get to participate!

Jonathan H (it) wrote: fun afternoon type movie, some good laughs

Kercelia F (ru) wrote: About a six-hanky movie for me; very touching!

Caitlin L (au) wrote: It was an ok movie with a substandard plot.

denna p (ca) wrote: this movie Is so funny

Nilufer R (es) wrote: Different stories of very different women, however connected. I loved the whole thing. The cast was wonderful and the movie was really moving and interesting. Spectacular performances.

Herve K (kr) wrote: I have seen this film 8 or 9 times over the last 10 years and never get tired of it--discovering new riches about it every time...

Rosalie C (nl) wrote: So fucking funny !!! his best comedy

Gabriel A (ru) wrote: vraiment excellente comdie franaise, Noiret est gnial comme d'habitude...

Alexander C (au) wrote: Egyptian detective mystery!

Edgar C (gb) wrote: Hailed as the best Canadian film, Mon Oncle Antoine is a very special film fully driven by character development and the free-flowing, lighthearted mood of a snowy environment. The movie is like an innocent and naive child playing with the snow, yet in a process of maturity and realization when that turning point in our lives hits us as a bullet. 94/100

Dave G (fr) wrote: could see what they were trying to do, but they couldn't pull it off

Jamie C (jp) wrote: This film felt like a cheap PS2 game most of the time with lots of action where the hero can rack up a body count without taking a single hit, The plot is simple but over crowded in places, Poorly acted plus the name of film gives away the ending, It's only worth the 2 stars because of the action.

Ricardo F (ru) wrote: Best movie i have seen, excellent animation, great history, perfect characters, basically this movie is perfect.