Set aboard a hulking fishing vessel as it navigates the treacherous waves off the New England coast. The very waters that once inspired Moby Dick, the film captures the harsh, unforgiving world of the fishermen in starkly haunting, yet beautiful detail.

A documentary shot in the North Atlantic and focused on the commercial fishing industry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stanley C (es) wrote: I'm obviously not blind to the topics of Bill Wiilliamson's political rambling 4-minute lecture speech, in my opinion what Bill ranted out in his speech are rather "incidents" for the U.S., they're not fault worthy flaws or wrong-doings of the United States. Though of course, Bill only wants the earth's population cut down so that he himself won't have to compete for resources so harshly, so I'm just going to accept that Bill only aired his message just so riots and anarchy can begin and with so many executions going on, he'll finally find employment and money for himself, not the country as a whole, just himself. While I'm not a fan of Rampage 1, the sequel was genius in my opinion, it's under-screened and under-advertised, the story of Bill taking hostages and using Chip specifically for complicated demands, regardless of any political ideology attached to such demands, was what really honed the movie.

Cain L (fr) wrote: It's the like the Blair witch project but only with bigfoot. Still it manages to be a fine found footage movie.

Eoin O (ca) wrote: Very Irish Humour! A good film to see with friends/family/partners! :)

Diana D (nl) wrote: hmm, a bit strange, oh the impact of drugs on lives!

Diane G (kr) wrote: Its hard to not be impressed with the level of talent, creativity, and strategic execution required to spray out the initials of one's name in a public space. Known as "bombing" in the streets, A range of graffiti artists were interviewed in this documentary, highlighting the personal struggles and stories behind the graffiti artists who bomb cities. From Africa to Brazil, the profiled artists have the same reasons for why they bomb. Channeling feelings of anger, resentment, and the need to exist in an increasingly disconnected and chaotic world they strive to bring a sense of beauty to the forlorn landscape of urban decay.Is graffiti art? Or is it just vandalism? This film treats it as art, and much like the principles of design, graffiti must have purpose, rules and context. This is demonstrated when the Brazilian graffiti artists profiled explained how they used the unique architecture of Brazil as an inspiration for the typography in their work. Bomb it sets out to give meaning and respect for this art form and punctuates the stories with rich visual imagery, subtle animations, bold typography, and a bangin' soundtrack.

Ken C (br) wrote: I didn't know there was such...

Sean B (ag) wrote: a pretty good sequal, not as good as lilo and stich but close

Abdulmalik A (nl) wrote: It's pleasant enough, with Fraser's goofy charm particularly winning.


Andrew C D (de) wrote: Incredible filmmaking can make low quality tactical readouts more suspenseful then any amount of explosions and shootings. Matthew Broderick invents the character that he is later typecasted as in Ferris Bueller and Ladyhawke: a manipulative, amoral, and even sociopathic teenager who, while he takes advantage of others at every turn, never intends any real damage and makes his deviant actions appear like harmless fun.

Lae R (kr) wrote: Peter Sellers is hilarious with this 70's rendition of the Charlie Chan series

Jose M (ru) wrote: Once upon a time of a French intervention in Mexico, a red-headed American nun named Sister Sara (Shirley MacLaine) was traveling to help the people of Mexico. On her way to a village, she is attacked but saved by a drifting gunman, Hogan (Clint Eastwood). He too is out to help, but has something else on his mind. The two are then twined together into a dangerous journey facing rattlesnakes, hot weather, French patrol, rogue Mexican bandits, Yaqui Indians, whiskey, and each other. Yet, the two have chemistry, but cannot stand each other like a regular couple when it comes to decisions. For a nun, Sara can drink and smoke enough to outdo Hogan. Yet, that does not deter him trying from getting close to her. Will they make it out alive or be fried? Yes, this story is a film under the titled for Two Mules of Sister Sara in one of many western films of the 60s and 70s. However, it is nonetheless very entertaining film. There are explosions, shootings, and battles in the film. It also brings a little insight of the French intervention of Mexico which not a lot people know. It happened between 1862 to 1867. One of the battles would later become a holiday known as Cinco de Mayo, fifth of May, which is celebrated in the US and maybe parts in Mexico. However, it is not the end from there since there is one person it went through. It received mostly positive reviews among critics and audiences. However, it needed to go through one sleazy person in Bakersfield. Did he liked it? Yes he did for the action and amusing pair. Director Don Siegel delivers an entertainment film enough to satisfied in what was an overstuffed genre in an era. Also to not, the film is formulaic, but never dull or painful. Music is by Ennio Morricone which means the theme is great as always. Action is well done leaving the film pretty good, so give Sister Sara her two and she will be on her way.

Judith L M (es) wrote: This movie is a heck of a lot of fun.

Danny R (it) wrote: Popular high school student Ferris, who's loved by everyone except for high school principal Mr. Rooney. Rooney has his own agenda; to catch Ferris skipping school again and making Rooney look bad. Meanwhile, Ferris is skipping out. He's got everything figured out. You only live once he says. He's Right. Matthew Broderick, who was good in "Wargames", is amazing here in the title role. John Hughes never amazed me until 1986 when this was released. I personally thought his previous films to be whiny and bratty characters. Here, we get real teenage views popular among early Generation Xer's. This film is a classic, a film truly about teenage rebellion and freedom. It's not worth skipping out on this one as Ferris would say.

Jennifer H (gb) wrote: Surreal visuals with stately music. Great to see an experimental film from such a master. There are no compromise made to the complexity of the plot, and yet, different directions (self-reflection, language, second chance, romance, and ego) still manage to refer back to the main theme - time. As mentioned, surreal and stately. One of the few movies that lets the viewer think for themselves - rather than telling you where to sit and when to dance.

Christian H (jp) wrote: Pleasantly, and disgustingly surprised