Manuel Jordan is a man who is free after serving 23 years for killing a teenager during an attempted robbery. After nearly two decades of staring at his victim's face on a newspaper clipping in his cell, the paroled man attempts to find redemption, in the form of a mysterious minister and two needy women

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   snow,   religion,  

The film philosophical approach at redemption. The protagonist Manual Jordan has gotten parole from a life sentence for the murder of Abner Easley, and returns to the city he lived in to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon C (us) wrote: This is a sweet, charming romantic comedy. If you like k-pop you'll you'll enjoy this movie - I did.

Ajay R (ag) wrote: Don 2...a sequel is always a difficult act, specially on the heels of movies like the original Don and then a successful remake.It was a dark and snowy night, wife in tow, a bag of popcorn and 3d glasses to boot we hunkered down to watch Don 2. Should have thrown the 3 d glasses away and just watched the regular version. Noticed the 3 d effects in just one of the songs else they didn't draw a lot of "wow's" from me.I saw the movie, however heard very little. Because I think the movie lacked in dialogue! Scene upon scene went by and little was said. I never felt invested in the characters and their emotions. Given this, I expected the movie to set a blazing pace, however this wasn't the case either. At times I snapped out of the trance I expected to be in and wanted the scene to move along.There were a fair amount of twists and turns, however I figured most of them out immediately as well. Hritik's appearance instantly smelled like face off, Sameer's compliance with Shahrukh toward the end was a given etc.And unfortunately there were glaring omissions in the story. For example, the movie began with a group of European mafia bosses wanting to kill the Khan, however when Don was in their own back yard they didn't come out to fight and meekly succumbed to arrests at the end? What gives?Once again, it is very difficult to come up with a sequel that measures up to those before it so I will say it is a valiant effort, but not quite what it could have been.So I would recommend you rent this movie from your local dvd wallah once available! Happy movie watching!

Jeff M (fr) wrote: I dont know why this got bad reviews. Its a good movie with a decent cast. Stupid title (nothing to do with the movie) and no hype.

Caitlin K (it) wrote: It was good but the 1st one is the best!

Bhavna D (au) wrote: what a beautiful movie, lovely story

Peter K (gb) wrote: Is it the best movie ever, no its not, but what it is is fun and fresh. Stephen Sommers has an eye for action and fun. And that's what you get in this movie. No More and no less.

Nimhster G (de) wrote: This film adaptation is just as, if not more entertaining as the Beavis and Butt-head television series. It's guaranteed to keep you laughing throughout it's run time.

Sue S (us) wrote: Classic Bruce Willis. If you like him in shoot-'em-ups, you'll like this.

Keegan W (jp) wrote: Fun to watch, has charm, and really makes you think about letting your inner kid out once in a while and not forgetting about it. I just don't feel that the conflict/problem in the film was developed properly considering it was placed alongside such playfully childish (in a good way) charm.

Neil P (nl) wrote: Fred and Ginger were quite enjoyable in this film (Sure, they should have been the lead story, but they still made this movie enjoyable). The music was great, including "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and Fred sing "I Won't Dance." When Fred and Ginger were onscreen, this movie is so enjoyable!

Matt T (kr) wrote: Natalie Portman's first major role called for her to awkwardly try to seduce Jean Reno; a mere two years later, she brought an inestimable spark to Ted Demme's Beautiful Girls by playing a self-proclaimed "old soul" who's nevertheless far too young to catch the eye of Timothy Hutton. Considering that Girls' cast also included such famous names as Uma Thurman, Mira Sorvino, and Matt Dillon, the raves that 15-year-old Portman received for her work as the precocious (and, it must be said, utterly adorable) Marty were even more impressive. Not a lot goes on in this look at the commitment-shy shufflings of thirtysomething men in northern New England, and Beautiful Girls didn't attract much attention at the box office, but there's no arguing with raves from critics like Felix Vasquez Jr. of Cinema Crazed, who wrote, "Portman steals all the scenes with Timothy Hutton and lights up the movie in each and every one of her scenes with her beauty, charm and utter exuberance."

Cynthia S (es) wrote: I watched this with my daughter, and we both enjoyed it. Very much an enjoyable, British, teenage, romantic comedy...but really well done.

Sterling B (au) wrote: A surprisingly poignant documentary about one man's quest to complete his life's work before he dies. His life's work just so happens to be his collection of phalluses...