Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

Newly single, 35, and uninspired by his job, Jesse Fisher worries that his best days are behind him. But no matter how much he buries his head in a book, life keeps pulling Jesse back. When his favorite college professor invites him to campus to speak at his retirement dinner, Jesse jumps at the chance. He is prepared for the nostalgia of the dining halls and dorm rooms, the parties and poetry seminars; what he doesn’t see coming is Zibby – a beautiful, precocious, classical-music-loving sophomore. Zibby awakens scary, exciting, long-dormant feelings of possibility and connection that Jesse thought he had buried forever.

A New York college adviser becomes involved with a student when he returns to his alma mater in Ohio for a favorite professor's retirement party. Now he is faced with a powerful attraction that springs up between them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gurinder A (mx) wrote: greatest songs.. amazing movie

Shari Z (fr) wrote: Het blijft een marginaal gedoe... Maar wel Vlaams (en geen geforceerd Nederlands).

Amy S (gb) wrote: saw it on my bday with my ex its really not that entertaining but then again neither was he lmao

Logan M (ag) wrote: Vulgar, but tasteful, "Clerks" is a one of a kind cult comedy classic.

Andr (gb) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 20.06.1997

Matthew K (au) wrote: Yesss! Cheesiest Ninja movie of all time...and Chuck Conners is in it.

Johnathan Z (nl) wrote: ...this is how you ruin a franchise.