Libero (Along the Ridge)

Libero (Along the Ridge)

A young father and his two children struggle to find harmony after his wife leaves them for another man.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   cameraman,   boy,  

A young father and his two children struggle to find harmony after his wife leaves them for another man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (ru) wrote: enjoyable sotry-telling, as each three of Aoyama's latest fims shot thgrough "Helpless", "Eureaka" and "Sad vacation" are tagged. Slow but surely entertaining myslef into his own camera cutting.

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Simeon M (nl) wrote: Martin Luther King Jr. style non-violence petition for kids. A great family movie, but not necessarily a great movie.

Tim P (de) wrote: Great film. Very emotional.

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m h (kr) wrote: This is a classic film. If you like character actors, silly plot and fun check this out. Underrated due to timing of release

Yuki A (us) wrote: An anti-war film whih takes different approach to the war itself. Masumura depicts the nitty-gritty and scary reality in army hospitals during Sino-Japan war.Ayako Wakao is a revelation as Nurse Sakura Nishi, a young woman in possession of enormous humanity, who ministers to the war wounded in the most intimate of ways and falls deeply in love with Dr. Okabe (Shinsuke Ashida), a disconnected surgeon whose only escape from his blood-soaked work is a nightly armful of morphine.In one of the most heart-wrenching sequences, Nurse Nishi takes pity on Pvt. Orihara who has lost both of his arms. After pleading with the young nurse to relieve him of his sexual frustration, she takes him to a hotel where he expresses his passion but the evening proves too much for him to handle. The movie is very brutal - it will be hard to get from your mind the images of piles of amputated limbs and the despair of soldiers who know they are on a virtual suicide mission in a war they don't understand.I can not praise this shattering achievement highly enough. It is a masterpiece of humanity.

Brenda A (nl) wrote: I was not disappointed in any of this movie even though it's a continuance from several different movies

David L (ca) wrote: Stigmata delves too deeply into religion for me, to the point of misunderstanding the plot completely and resulting in a complete lack of enjoyment. What I did follow is that the main female character comes into possession of an old ancient relic that supposedly inflicts the five pains that Jesus suffered as part of his crucifixion - whipping, bleeding head, sore wrists, bloody ankles, and a spear through the the side. Why and how this is all happening is another question, one which is probably suggested within the film, but was totally lost in translation on me. If the various priests that appeared throughout were anything to go by, they weren't too sure either (or were in denial), so what chance have I got. I even gave up on attempting Wikipedia as I wasn't digesting the synopsis there either. It's not that I'm an atheist or agnostic, but evidently it's just a subject matter that I don't receive inspiration from, thus clouding my judgement. I would dip in and out of this movie, but could not connect the storyline one bit and by the time the concluding scenes were upon me, I could really make no sense of what was happening before my eyes - Was she the devil, was someone else the devil, did she live, or did she die?! Not a clue. I'm not even sure if I'd recommend it or not because this is probably a good film if you can relate to it, but definitely not one for a simpleton like myself.

Tee C (au) wrote: Entertaining and fun. Not too deep or scary, but brought back some old legends I had heard when I was a kid.