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Pablo C (ca) wrote: Aburrida, con un guion desaprovechado, personajes irritantes e irreconocibles (salvo honrosas excepciones como Cyborg y Batman) y un antagonista que solo sabe demostrar que es fuerte y gruir (Dios, Darkseid, Qu fue lo que te hicieron?).

Meghal P (mx) wrote: The director tries to pull off a "Crash/Babel/Magnolia" but does not succeed. The film has its heart at right, but tends to be too melodramatic and unrealistic. The overall product left me unimpressed.

David M (gb) wrote: Very well done 3D effects, and mildly educational. I think more could be done to deliver an effective message, however.

Ioan M (br) wrote: the movie I like mostly

Kathy HanChen T (kr) wrote: " The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination." ???????????!1. ?? Berkeley ????????????...if you're a Cal student, maybe never miss this one2. ????Euro Trip ?Scott !!! ????????????? XD

Demetris A (es) wrote: Most reviews have this movie absolutely wrong. This movie is not a love story. This movie is brilliant. It describes people that are both good and bad at the same time. They do a lot of good but they also make a lot of mistakes. Basically this movie defines GRAY. That is there is no Good and Evil. There is only Gray which lies somewhere in between. Brilliant. not that I agree with it!!!! a lot of fools do though...

Bleu L (it) wrote: Aside from being poorly directed and unable to find its pace, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer packs enough kills and thrills to please any fan who already counts himself as a fan of the first.

Quinten C (au) wrote: Oh man, this movie is hillarious.

Matty S (it) wrote: Blunt, honest, cruel, harsh and sadly realistic depiction of masculinity within the context of friendship, romantic intimacy and sexuality. Powerful stuff that is not easily shaken or forgotten. Ann-Margret is surprisingly impressive in her supporting role.

Joe L (de) wrote: a fascinating fever dream that perhaps says more about the masina-fellini marriage than any of his other films. masina plays a woman who suspects her husband is cheating, and is haunted, tormented, and surrounded by a cornucopia of bizarre sexual and circus themed hallucinations that stem from her marital insecurity and childhood traumas. when she was younger, fellini cast masina as characters that were constantly abused and reminded of their unattractiveness, and 'spirits' is really no different. this film was intended as a 'gift' to his wife, but the real gift would have been a film that allowed her to play a character with real power rather than a suffering desexualized dowdy housewife. nevertheless, the visual compositions in 'spirits' are fantastically composed, utterly set free from reality, and perhaps fellini knew that his brilliant wife's performing skills were most interesting when forcing her bright eyed and cheery face to endure psychological suffering.

Doctor S (es) wrote: Stark, perfectly observed low-key comedy/drama with striking black-and-white photography clearly influenced by 'The Last Picture Show' and evocative musical score. Smalltown flavor feels so real, I'm sure I've met some of these people at family gatherings. Will Forte is a revelation showing a real sense of comic timing and drollery that I found completely missing during his SNL tenure. Bruce Dern garnered all the accolades as the addled, heavy drinking estranged father who thinks he's won a million dollars, but it's June Squibb as his agitated, long-suffering wife who really deserved an Academy Award nomination. The foul-mouthed senior citizen is such a tired stereotype used for cheap laughs, but the excellent script allows Squibb to develop a full character so that when she interjects the occasional obscenity, it is surprising and truly funny. The highlight though is when Forte and his brother Bob Oedenkirk decide to retrieve their father's compressor 'borrowed' by a neighboring farmer 40 years ago, and the conversational aftermath in the van had me rolling on the floor.

Joel A (kr) wrote: A stirring drama about two convicts (played by Dustin Hoffman & Steve McQueen) who basically continue to inspire to escape the French Algiers prison they are sentenced to.This film centers on there perfect performances & their will & dedication none more so than Steve McQueen's character.The environment they are in seems to continually push them forward & it's an enthralling adventure. I recommend highly a very effective drama.