Liceenii Rock 'n' Roll

Liceenii Rock 'n' Roll

The two principal characters have a love affair, with highs and lows accompanied by the Rock'n'Roll music played by their band.

The two principal characters have a love affair, with highs and lows accompanied by the Rock'n'Roll music played by their band. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill O (br) wrote: Nicely done. It doesn't tie everything up neatly with a bow at the end which makes it more fun. Great job by the entire cast.

Amanda C (us) wrote: What an amazing film. One of my top ten.

Kevin M W (kr) wrote: The hook here, the catch (and a very good one it is) is that instead of the usual 1 guy with amnesia (how many films??? and who could count the number??? I used to wish I would get amnesia, but noooo. Neither have I ever met anyone who has either!) there's 5 guys with amnesia. And in a minute they figure out A) their memory is ever so slowly returning and that B) not everybody's in the room's a boy scout. There could be foul play in the immeadiate future ... just a lot of fun, a good script, nice ensemble performances, and the proverbial twist that zings right at the close.

Roger W (fr) wrote: Very formulaic, and thereby pretty disappointing.

Mary L (es) wrote: Couldn't get into this. If you want a band mockumentary done by a Canadian, watch Hard Core Logo...

Alex r (ca) wrote: I've never been a fan of Jim Varney, and I find his character Ernest P. Worrell to be very irritating. This was the first film that I saw with his character. This is poorly executed comedy and it just doesn't have anything good to make you laugh. I really thought that the film was bad because it lacked anything really interesting from aco0medic point of view. These films just aren't funny and are more irritating than anything. Varney never really made anything good aside from the Toy Story films. His Ernest character is one of the worst things in the genre, and it doesn't make you laugh. Ernest Goes to Jail just doesn't have any memorable laughs going for it and it just relies on stupid humor that doesn't work. This is one of those films that isn't worth seeing, and the comedic material is poorly constructed and it delivers an awful viewing experience that just isn't worth your time. Jim Varney has never made anything really good, and he's one of those actors that is more irritating than funny. I think this is a shame because maybe, just maybe this film would have been worth it if the character would actually be funny and that the film had a good plot with good jokes. However it doesn't have any of those things, and it's an awful comedy that isn't worth your time. Watch something different, you'll be glad you did, Ernest Goes to Jail is a poorly constructed comedy and the results show on-screen.

Tanner B (gb) wrote: Cold Sweat (1970) C-90m. ?? 1/2 D: Terence Young. Charles Bronson, James Mason, Liv Ullmann. Interesting but predictable action thriller about war friends who kidnap Bronson's family. Blood ensures. Mason's weirdly effective (if obvious) performance is the best thing about this better-than-average Charlie fare.

Faith G (fr) wrote: This movie is truly brilliant: incredible cast, beautiful filming and charmingly funny!

Tim K (mx) wrote: One of the most underrated action movies.