License To Wed

License To Wed

Newly engaged, Ben and Sadie can't wait to start their life together and live happily ever after. However Sadie's family church's Reverend Frank won't bless their union until they pass his patented, "foolproof" marriage prep course consisting of outrageous classes, outlandish homework assignments and some outright invasion of privacy.

Sadie and her lover Ben come to her hometown with the wish of having a wedding at the family church, St. Augustine. After meeting the pastor, Rev. Frank, the couple is asked to go through a pre-marriage course. Suffered a chain of unexpected events, Ben considers Frank as the reason and starts investigating on him in order to win the trust of Sadie and her family again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis F (gb) wrote: A true sequel to Rec 2, but the director wasn't sure which way to go with what was happening. Was it an infection, a virus or the devil, you have no clue. Still a well done zombie infected type of movie.

Jansen A (ag) wrote: I don't trust in rotten tomatoes anymore. It's a great and funny movie!

shai l (us) wrote: with the same feel as his "TRICK" films/dorama, Yukihiko Tsutsumi is a stark genius (even if it deviates from the manga). I wonder with all the other crap-Jap they brought here ("Threads of Destiny", "Accuracy of Death", "The Haunted Apartment" to name a few), why the hell nobody ever thought about showing the "20th Century Boys" trilogy in our cinemas? I'll be EXTREMELY HAPPY to review it.

Alberto M (mx) wrote: Con escenas extendidas con un proposito,una edicion extraa y que da un ritmo extrao a la historia y hace que te transporte al pequeo pueblo de Yucatan, situaciones extraas y un secreto que afecta al protagonista hacen de la pelicula algo inolvidable y de reflexion.!

Grace L (kr) wrote: I tossed up about seeing this movie for quite some time and decided last minute to see it as it was showing at the Prague International Film Festival. I am a huge fan of Anthony Wong, who is an excellent actor. Gangster genre is familiar ground for most HK directors, so i wasn't expecting much in terms of plot. I was delightfully surprised by the cinematography, which was colourful, action packed and always beautfiul, even when portraying violent killings and fights. Joe was brilliant in his portrayal of Kirin. I believe Nelsion Yu is on his way to a career of Wong Kar-wei proportions.

Vasco M (au) wrote: A rubbish sequel that stains the original movie's reputation.

jessica e (jp) wrote: cute. not as good as dunston checks in

Samuel D (us) wrote: Thinking about showing this to the class when we study about filmmaking.

joshua j (gb) wrote: awsome movie takes you back in time

Huseyn B (jp) wrote: The head of an aristocratic family Berlinger (Lancaster, De Niro) are friends with the heads of the family of farm laborers Dahlke (Hayden, Depardieu) in two generations. Meanwhile over Parma sweep World, modernism, cocainism, the labor movement, fascism, World War II, and God knows what else - in fact, the twentieth century.Bertolucci's case proves that yes, you can grasp the immensity. In his cinematographic novel together, not just three quarters of a century of Italian history on concrete human examples. In it together yet, and three quarters of a century of Italian art in all its breadth manifestations. The film, beginning on the date of death of Verdi, a red banner scenes demonstrations, when even the trees and vines seem to be of extras-choir is under the impression of Italian opera. But Bertolucci does not deny the importance of small: an episode with the old woman, impaled on a stake, is a terrible music in an absurd light of the full moon pavilion - neither give nor take horror in Italian in the spirit of Fulci. And binds it all together Marxist dialectic: the unity and struggle of opposites - dude and laborer. Watch as they are attracted to each other, like the arms of contractions become arms of love and fight back - watching a fire or a waterfall. Do not bother.

Camden N (nl) wrote: Not one of Bergman's greatest movies, but the use of sound and music was excellent. Some scenes were so grotesque and disturbing (mainly due to the sound design) that they could've been from a horror film! The direction was great as usual with Bergman, so I guess in this case the weakest link was the script. It wasn't bad, but certainly not as brilliant as his best stuff.

Dax S (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this movie a lot as a kid.

jay n (kr) wrote: Glue footed travesty that makes a mockery of the very films it sets out to honor. Bogdanovich has seemingly no understanding of the genre and even if the cast were better the film would still be deeply flawed. A very few performers acquit themselves without shame, unsurprisingly they are old pros Mildred Natwick, John Hillerman and too a lesser extent Eileen Brennan. Madeleine Kahn tries her best and isn't terrible but the songs aren't suited to her unique brand of talent and the direction does her no favors. Duilio Del Prete is a nonenitity who makes no impression. That leaves the leads who are awful both separately and together. Reynolds at least seems to be giving it the old college try the problem being that he can neither sing nor dance and shares zero chemistry with Cybill Shepherd. Early in her career here she is hopelessly out of her depth, in time she was able to perform a song with at least a little finesse, not here. She also dances with no grace whatsoever and is stiff in her scenes, the movie stops dead whenever she is on screen. A mess!