Lie Down with Dogs

Lie Down with Dogs

Wayward mid-20's NYC guy goes to the Pines for a change of pace for the summer.

Tommie is a young guy in Manhattan with a dead-end job handing out fliers in Times Square. At the beginning of a fateful summer, he has a chance encounter with a friend who tells Tommie ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lie Down with Dogs torrent reviews

Park B (mx) wrote: Very informative and interesting. Dramatizations became a little excessive and distasteful after awhile.

My B (nl) wrote: A cute romantic movie.Not like the american romantic movies.Loved it, it was a feelgood movie.

Private U (ca) wrote: muy buena y divertida, lesbianismo por doquier y personajes un tanto interesantes, como la anciana que cataba a las chicas para elegir a la prima ballerina "mmmmhh"

Andy W (ag) wrote: For what should have been a fascinating film (it certainly has a fascinating story), it plays out rather dull and lifeless. Noah Taylor is fantastic (if a little too Brian Topp from Spaced!) as the insecure, neurotic Hitler, but Cusack's casting feels a little too light. He's a great actor, but for some reason he doesn't seem to gel with the story. In fact, it would have made a more interesting film if they had solely concentrated on 'Young Hitler'. Bit of a missed opportunity.

Clark H (kr) wrote: Good but bad. Cant give it less than 3, it's just got this certain appeal to it still.

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William B (kr) wrote: Another great start on one of the world's greatest dictective

Rick F (de) wrote: Fantastic! One of my favorite MS films

Ian B (ru) wrote: Its like a 70's version of Under Siege - minus the idiot with the pony tail. So miles better then.

Scott R (gb) wrote: A fun disney film, but not quite a classic.

sarah P (ag) wrote: great asterix adventure where they help a frind build a dwelling for cleoptras freind ceaser with ceaser tring to un do it all as he has a bet with cleoptra over it's completion

Russ M (de) wrote: Great story. Really more of a play.

Rory P (br) wrote: Seen it. Don't know what to say about it yet.

Mikael S (jp) wrote: Fun, nicely shot, but it focuses on Azgardian friendships (family/sibling/friends) with minimal pay off in later films. THANK HEAVENS agents of SHIELD mined the GOLD from this film & gave it more exposure on its episodic series. (Boo hiss on THOR being shoved in the background in ULTRON! BOOOOO!)