Vienna in the beginning of the twentieth century. Cavalry Lieutenant Fritz Lobheimer is about to end his affair with Baroness Eggerdorff when he meets the young Christine, the daughter of an opera violinist. Baron Eggerdorff however soon hears of his past misfortune...

Vienna in the beginning of the twentieth century. Cavalry Lieutenant Fritz Lobheimer is about to end his affair with Baroness Eggerdorff when he meets the young Christine, the daughter of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Liebelei torrent reviews

George C (fr) wrote: This is my vote for the next "Dine-In Movie". This film is considered the funniest film ever made, and I agree I couldn't pck myself off the floor when I saw it years ago...and since we are having fun..I think handmade pizza is the order for the day

Farah R (ru) wrote: Unfortunately, this movie doesn't offer anything new to captivate its audience in any way.

Bernt A (jp) wrote: Daytime soap with horror ambitions.

Jei P (us) wrote: mother's love has no boundaries

Derek W (au) wrote: Deft storytelling and gorgeous scenery only add to this period piece filled with amazing fight scenes and surprisingly powerful melodrama.

Paul D (es) wrote: Well, this film kinda brings home the true American dream tale. A struggling couple who is in the depths of a ghetto trying to break free and be happy, A family/A house/Love & no worries... Although the story & the acting were not the greatest, I did enjoy this film... Not quite sure what it was, perhaps the solid love story that I long for in my own life who knows, but something has made me like this film... Its nice to see Christian Slater as a bad dude he plays the role well, he kinda looks like a cretin anyhoo so it is fitting... Yes I would recommend this movie, if you got some time to kill on a lazy afternoon or night this movie will fit in nicely...

Christophe M (mx) wrote: Aprs un gnrique qui ressemble beaucoup au "Urami bushi" de la srie "Female Prisoner Scorpion", voil Miki Sugimoto qui joue l'officier Rei avec ses fringues et son attirail rouge qui s'occupe d'un ambassadeur tranger en lui tirant dans les couilles ! Ce film donne le ton ce qui va tre un enchanement de torture, de viol et de tuerie toutes plus sanglantes les unes que les autres. Mais tout a ne se passe pas n'importe comment, aprs un passage en taule cause de l'ambassadeur, Rei passe un march et infiltre les kidnappeurs de la fille du futur Premier Ministre japonais. Malgr son charisme vident, et la classe de son apparence, Rei n'en impose pas toujours et on est parfois surpris qu'elle se laisse faire dans certaines situations, bien qu'elle ne manque pas de ressource ni d'intelligence, c'est juste que sa vulnrabilit est pas mal expose et elle fait moins super hrone. D'un autre ct ce n'est pas plus mal et a rend le tout moins prvisible qu' l'accoutume. En tout cas c'est pas mal du tout, c'est assez violent avec quelques passages assez dur aussi bien sur le plan physique mais aussi psychologique en ce qui concerne certains personnages. Des flics qui tuent dans un film qui l'est tout autant en somme !

Chris C (jp) wrote: As everyone knows, this movie is nowhere near as good as it's predecessor; but, I find it fairly enjoyable. Worth a watch or two, but nothing like a classic.

Joshua O (us) wrote: This isn't Fuller at his best but it certainly has some great moments.

Robert B (br) wrote: [font=Arial] You'd expect to see a fair amount of skin in a movie about burlesque, but not a movie set in the 40's with censorship so prevalent. One watching this film for the scenery and the eye-candy will be pleasantly surprised: for its era, it delivers. This movie doesn't get interesting until the murders begin, and that doesn't happen until about halfway through. Till then, we're forced to endure all the stripper archetypes: there's the prima donna (Princess Nervina), the bitch (Lolita Laverne), the airhead (Alice Angel), the fat chick (Dolly), the pal (Gee Gee), and the straight arrow (Dixie). There is also the obligatory abusive boyfriend. The repartee is sharp; no quarter is asked and none given, and these women all have tongues that cut deep and leave scars. Burlesque, for all the romance associated with it, was not a fun place to work, and the bad plumbing, a [i]"bit"[/i] that runs through the first part of the movie, is the least of it. When some of the girls start dying, the focus of the movie shifts to the murders, and starts to get interesting. Everybody takes a turn as the suspect, including our heroine, Dixie, and in the truth-will-out process of these movie murder investigations, everybody's dirty laundry is put on view. The killer is finally caught, and it turns out to be the last person we'd suspect. Charles Dingle, as the overbearing police inspector, really shines here, and his constant grilling and rhetorical questions put to the club employees really make this part of the movie as good as it is. Stanwyck is very good in this picture as Dixie, but she is not a dancer, at least, not a very good dancer. When she's bumping and grinding, it's all music and the power of suggestion, because only her face is seen. She takes a turn jitterbugging with Pinky Lee, and even does a cartwheel! The cartwheel was filmed in two takes and spliced together, but it was almost certainly Stanwyck, and not a double, in both takes. Not bad for a thirty-something, and not bad, either, the way she filled her costumes. She was a [i]*very*[/i] attractive woman in this picture, and the cat-calls and wolf-whistles directed at her were believable and deserved, not just sound effects. Marion Martin deserves special mention. She has several scenes as the gorgeous blonde airhead, one scene in particular where she's walking down a flight of stairs that are incredible. The woman has no clue, but she knows how good looking she is, and the effect those looks have on the men around her. Makes you wonder sometimes whether those censors are actually paying attention .. And, on that note, it is worth mentioning here, that the abusive boyfriend actually strikes Lolita Laverne. No, we don't see him do it. But, we do see him wind up, and we hear the sound of the impact. Plus, several minutes are given to her reaction to the blow. People of our era think that we invented this kind of movie realism, that it didn't exist until the 1960's or so, and I'm always surprised to see examples of such forbidden topics in films of the 30's and 40's. I really can't rate this movie all that high. Barbara Stanwyck is good, but not great. She gave many better performances. The eye-candy is pleasant, and the murder mystery engaging, but this movie took me closer to the world of burlesque than I wanted to be, and I found the closeness a bit uncomfortable. 6 out of 10.[/font]