Lies & Alibis

Lies & Alibis

The crook Ray Elliot, whose former partner Jack is under a five-million-dollar contract, believes in statistics and runs a risk assessment and managing business; actually a front for a company that provides alibis to adulterous people that cheat their mates. He does not accept giving alibis for crimes and he has just hired the alluring Lola to be his assistant. When Wendell Hatch, the reckless son of his wealthy client Robert Hatch, accidentally kills his masochist date Heather in a kinky S&M game, Ray breaks his rules to protect his own name and hire some guys to clean the bedroom and vanish the body. Sooner Ray has many problems to resolve: the police are on his tail trying to find a clue about the disappearance of Heather; her jealous Mexican-American boyfriend wishes revenge against the murderer; Wendell is upset because Ray told his father about the crime; Robert is angry and hires the hit-man Mormon to kill Ray, but the killer spares him to chase Jack. When the jealous Mormon ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim R (us) wrote: An entertaining rock fest for Metallica fans!

Sylvester K (jp) wrote: Wow, I miss this type of exploitationals, I miss the oldies :D Every single segment was interestingly enough, featuring grotesque characters and hilarious scenarios, I enjoyed it. Especially the second segment, total campy fun!!!!

Hans T (gb) wrote: Alltid litt skeptisk til oppflgere, men Jgarne 2 leverer til det fulle. Sundvall mestrer action-stilen og filmen kler p med psykologiske spenninger som fr seeren til sitte p nler gjennom store deler av filmen. Ikke fordi man lurer p hvem morderen, for det er vel rimelig opplagt helt fra starten, men fordi man s inderlig gjerne vil se det gode beseire det onde!

Arturo H (es) wrote: A Mystery, and even after its over it stays a mystery. Im satisfied with the ending. I would of been more upset if it ended like an episode of star trek I once saw, ..or a zombie movie with the same vanishing people idea. .. Or.. like 'Knowing'. I just dont think any explanation/ending would of been satisfying enough. Nothing great, but just enough to keep you interested every step of the way, and that's saying a lot when compared to many other movies.

Tyggr B (mx) wrote: ok LCC GSA think this might be good??

Sonny L (de) wrote: A gem of a movie. A very simple movie based on romance, growing up, the dating scene and everything in between. There is something in this film we can all relate to and reflect upon (I felt at ease and in a buoyant mood). Definitely up-lifting with a feel-good factor. Kudos to the main and support cast for creating a believable performance. Loved every minute of it.

Warner B (au) wrote: A revealing #documentary looking into the pivotal world of 5 midwestern high school seniors trying to find their way

Dana S (gb) wrote: I love this film. It's a must see for all teachers and parents of young children. It's great to see a teacher with a gentle approach, and children who are respectful of the learning environment.

Drew W (de) wrote: It seemed to short...just like this review.

Michael G (ag) wrote: The side story with Sarah Polley's character in the hospital at the beginning feels like it has nothing to do w/ the movie as a whole. It was like it was just added there to fill up 20 minutes. The monster character was really cool. It's a shame that the movie was only so so.

Robyn W (gb) wrote: I don't like the Jackie Gleason parts, but all of Tom Hanks' wit, charm, and comedic timing rises to a new level in this movie.

Tim S (us) wrote: I am on a huge Robards kick here lately. He gives another amazing performance and he's not even in half the movie. Paul LeMat is great as Melvin whose life is one of the most entertaining train wrecks I have had the pleasure of watching. Mary Steenburger is outstanding as Le Mat's twice married and then twice divorced wife. (The scene in the strip club and on the game show are hilarious). I thought the writing and direction were really well done and I see how Demme influenced directors like PTA. It's quirky (in a good way), funny, sad, with a great anti hero at the center that you hate one minute and end up respecting at the end. A nice gem of a movie that I highly suggest everyone see.

Zhanyi J (es) wrote: One word: AwesomeOf course it was a tragic ending. It goes to show evil and corruption in high places will always win. The power and rights we have are all illusions.

Miguel O (ag) wrote: I'd never stopped laughing

Sandra V (ca) wrote: Pleasantly surprised at how good this is. The cast are excellent, the action is gritty and exciting (the filmmakers make the most of a low budget) and I loved the idea of focusing on just one siege and all the steps that go into it.

Jason C (fr) wrote: jimmy fallon is one of my fav people of all time, so i loved this.

Anna B (it) wrote: The tendency towards heavy-handedness and obviousness is mostly offset by the raw emotional depth and shockingly good performances (Stephen Graham, holy shit). It seemed like the conflict between Shaun's loyalties to Combo or Woody (who is almost absurdly good-natured and whom I envy for having the razor-sharp Lol for a girlfriend) should have been explored more. The ending we got is a bit of a copout character-wise if I'm reading it right (i.e., "It's OK, he's not really racist, he's just mentally ill!") Whatever, it's a good movie.