Lies & Illusions

Lies & Illusions

When a menacing smuggler coolly insists that best-selling author Wes Wilson take a chauffeured backseat ride with him, Wilson's charmed life explodes into a world of violence and espionage, and he learns shocking truths about two women in his life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   thief,   speech,  

A self help author is hunted by thugs who believe the writer holds millions of dollars in diamonds stolen by his dead fiancée. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pratiksha K (gb) wrote: This movie checks off all the boxes for a blockbuster and features a kick-ass female lead character. The climax comes off as too convenient, a let-down in an otherwise superbly entertaining movie.

Nicholas M (kr) wrote: the first installment - summer hot days were much much more better than this.

Sally S (us) wrote: Great movie. Downer ending. Loved the humor.

Alisha J (fr) wrote: an amazing those little roles pal

Steve R (de) wrote: A fun little comedy with some nice digs at Hollywood nonsense.

Lee M (ru) wrote: "Footloose" meets "The Full Monty" in Bootmen, a cliche-ridden tap dance drama.

Bill K (br) wrote: Liberal use of fast-forward are necessary. Mix of live-action manga with slapstick falls flat accept for the fun Street Fighter sequence. Terrible music and lame sound effects will make you want to puncture your eardrums. For Chan fans only.

Matthew L (au) wrote: So a slight improvement over part 2, but the regular cast members seem to be getting squeezed to the sidelines in favour of the previous films minor characters, Sweetchuck and Zed in particular. There are still some laughs to be had and the return to the academy certainly works in the films favour but the franchise is fast running out of steam and ideas by this point.

Ross B (ag) wrote: Another classic Buster Keaton film which sees him as the son of a steamboat captain named Steamboat Bill Canfield. Willie (Keaton) goes down to visit his father after going to school up in Boston. Willie discovers that Mary, the girl that he is in love with, is also down from Boston to visit her father. Both fathers do not like each other due to the fact that Mary's father runs a competing steamboat that is more modernized and upscale. Willie and Mary desperately try to get together even though their fathers disapprove. The sight gags are brilliant in this film culminating in the climactic storm and rescue sequence. This film once again shows why Buster Keaton is a true comic genius and one of the comedic stars of the silent era.

Sgt C (de) wrote: (31%)The cast do a decent job and it is quite well made, but the story does't work. Brad Renfro's character is such an unlikeable, weird person that I cannot understand what it is he actually wants as he hangs around with a ageing ex Nazi more for kicks than anything else. There is perhaps a good story in there somewhere (maybe in the book?) but it doesn't shine through this failed attempt which is a shame as Mckellen is great and deserves to be in better movies.

Troy R (nl) wrote: This movie, while not the massive hit that it was expected to be, is not as bad of a movie as people make it out to be. It's actually quite fun and enjoyable despite not being a very good film.

Lucie K (kr) wrote: The character is really well played by Douglas! You sort of trust him and hope he wont turn into something evil and you get freaked out more and more by him.

Justin B (ca) wrote: Decent little thriller. Was pretty impressed with both Cage and Cusack's performance.

Andrew I (ru) wrote: A bit like a low-budget, fictional, English, footbally version of Donnie Brasco. If you can see past the "wasn't he in Grange Hill?" questions that keep springing to mind and the wall-to-wall swearing, it's not a bad film for all that. It's a shame the Shadwell football team is fictional, which along with a few Rada luvvies, Mockney accents and a few Emmerdale punches, detracts a little from any would-be realism. 6.75/10

Justin B (nl) wrote: Another example of obvious studio interference specifically in an attempt to conform this to the slew of post-Scream horror movies. The film's plot and characters are so stripped down to where it felt as though I were sitting on the remote and kept skipping scenes.