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Lies Inc.


Amber city is the last city on earth with a breathable atmosphere. In this climate of fear and paranoia, Isan Epel finds herself trapped by her employers, Schilman's inc, after working in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle N (gb) wrote: Quirky but cool. I think it was just too different for most folks even for Simon Pegg but I liked it!

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: A strong and poignant film War Witch is a film that deserves to be seen but might be a bit too disturbing for some viewers. The acting is not the greatest and the pacing is a bit uneven but the film is so focused on what it wants to say that it traps the viewers and brings them into the horrors of Africa and its civil distress.

Dave P (ag) wrote: Really quite stunningly bad. Just when you think there's no cliche, bad dialogue or appalling acting left it goes and surprises you with something even worse.

Nathan F (kr) wrote: Zombieland is as entertaining as it is hilarious. Great characters. The plot could be more intelligent.

Niklas S (es) wrote: The only thing worth watching in the movie is the performance by Danny Dyer the rest is just some poor wannabe "Magnolia" piece of crap. I'm all for stories that come together in the end but this was just a mess.

Sumer S (us) wrote: It is a good family drama only something was look missing except that it was great.

Joe A (kr) wrote: Quite possibly the worst and more so, the phoniest movie about punk rocker/rockers I have ever seen.

F B (kr) wrote: Average and watchable

Joshua W (mx) wrote: My only objection with this film is the length. Did we have to go over the two hour limit just to keep re hashing what we already know about the characters.

Nick K (mx) wrote: The idea of the story is okay, but the way it is told is dreadful. Characters do things for little to no reason and are ignorant just so the story can be immediately altered on the spot without any ease. As you watch it, you're going to question why things are happening and what the characters were even thinking all the way through. This movie was almost unbearable to watch.