Lies of the Twins

Lies of the Twins

An ex-model is seduced into danger by her psychotherapist boyfriend's wicked identical twin.

A model becomes romantically involved with her therapist. One day she sees him with another woman, it turns out to be his evil twin, who is also a therapist. Complications ensue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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megan j (gb) wrote: Pretty funny at times!!

Carlos M (nl) wrote: Ken Loach and Paul Leverty balance drama and humor quite well in this playful but realistic story that has a good heart and never loses its grip. It is really like savoring a fine Scotch whiskey - a real pleasure to the senses that makes you always want some more.

Ronnie S (jp) wrote: Dette her var noget af det vrste lort jeg har set, mske nogensinde. Nok kun overget af Fat Pizza, s var dette her VIRKELIG elendigt. Effekterne var ... MEGET ringe, nr de var bedst that is, og alt i alt BR folk snyde sig selv for denne film. Virkelig. Oh my lol

Angel T (us) wrote: this had a lot of potential, but the plot was just not really executed well; I loved the characters, I just wished the writer could have done more with them...the revelation of the culprit at the beginning of the investigation took ALL the fun out of it, and even THEN they could have made the movie more amazing, but it just went along the throw-tragedies-and-broodage-at-the-screen route and ended subpar...I loved the theme song though XD;

Eric H (au) wrote: The film is good for those of us who want a good laugh, but don't expect any kind of great, intelligent satire or you'll be slightly disappointed.

Bals H (ca) wrote: At least no motocross zombies from hell included.

Urooj K (nl) wrote: the movie is just too good..though,it wasnt a super dooper hit but i believe it was a hit has romance,thrill,suspense,calmness in itself i loved aishwarya's eye make up loooked so beautiful in dis film..i felt a lil painful wen she told yash tht she was married..i cried at tht moment...its one of da best film tht has sticked to my memory!!!

Bront Y (de) wrote: Good acting, but overall not a particularly great movie.

Serdar S (de) wrote: Funnier than it looks.

francisco f (mx) wrote: la movie mas chingona k hay

Zachary M (us) wrote: Don't ever tell me I never did you any favors. Chill like sauvignon blanc.

Aaron L (gb) wrote: the ending didn't feel like an ending...

Warren W (nl) wrote: Another Chevy Chase classic.

Jasrick J (kr) wrote: Besharam is a masala entertainer,which is very enjoyable thanks to the performance of Ranbir Kapoor who provides the MAX laughs and MAX entertainment.Besharam is about a car theif who steals his lovers car without knowing,how he steals it back from a gangster,and the confusion is the plot.Acting wise its a Ranbir Kapor show all the way,he entertains throughout,pulls of the mass hero amazingly. The young superstar!!!Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh also entertain to the max and their chemistry was fantastic. Was nice to see both on screen together.But Besharam does have - . There are too many songs, plots illogical at too many places. This is because of Dir Abhinav Kashyap, he flaters.Besharam is saved because of funny scenes and agood pace.But Abhinav should have added more conviction to the story and picked better music. Is this really the guy who made dabangg.Overall if you want to LOL and be entertained,watch Besharam because Ranbirs superb peformance is worth the ticket price alone.

Caesar B (fr) wrote: By the time this story begins, our anti-hero has already gone off the deep end. Bill Foster, or simply "D-FENS", has been fired from his long-time job as a defence engineer due to the economic recession of the early 1990's. Stuck in a traffic jam on an LA freeway, D-FENS abandons his car and leaves the area. He proceeds on and begins a violent odyssey throughout a very hot day in Los Angeles. Several obstacles stand in his way, including confrontations with a Korean grocer, Latino gang members, a white supremacist and some construction workers. He also makes his presence known at a fast food restaurant as he travels across the city to be with his estranged wife and young daughter. All the while, and aging cop, on the day of his retirement, sniffs D-FENS out and we get a great game of cat-and-mouse. The film truly paints a sad picture of a man trying to cope with modern-day America. This is one of Michael Douglas' best performances, and my favorite of all Schumacher films.

Reece L (fr) wrote: Essentially a non-stop barrage of verbiage, the film has several excellent performances from its all-star cast, but the truly invaluable piece of the production is Mamet's writing. The words sell the whole thing, the endless monologues effortlessly setting up mcguffins and knocking them down at a moment's notice, subtle deviations from the ostentatious bravado of the compelling characters leading to major developments down the line. It's this kind of subdued craftsmanship that makes "Glengarry Glen Ross" something special, a thrilling chamber piece in which almost nothing physically happens that still succeeds on sheer verbal wizardry.

Spencer K (br) wrote: this is a very odd movie. Kristen Wiig is fantastic in the central role and truly makes this movie revolve all around her. it's may be very tonally uneven and jumbled at times, but Wiig's performance makes up for its uneven parts.