Life, Above All

Life, Above All

A touching mother-daughter relationship that reflects the modern South Africa.

A touching mother-daughter relationship that reflects the modern South Africa. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mitchell B (es) wrote: Just as funny as the first

Hunter S (au) wrote: A real surprise! This film carries emotional weight and believable action coupled with stunning CGI. A sequel that truly surpassed its predecessor.

Octavian (au) wrote: [Interested: cannot find.]

Deepika A (ag) wrote: there was no aditya pancholi in the movie =\

David B (au) wrote: loads of twists in this worth seeing.

Daryl L (ca) wrote: The movie poster is sweet. A romanticist's "Back to the Future" it is. I may say that everything that has Sofia Coppola in it is cool, be her in front or behind the camera. But enough of my admiration for that lady, this movie tells us life lessons - things that absorb us in during our younger days "may" not be what we become in the future. Right now, we may set in our goals, ideals, and plans, but those are for us to achieve, and it reminds us that not all can and must we get. Some become happy because they get all what they have planned for, but some become happy because of the simple lives that they have lived - contentment closes the argument.

Michael W (nl) wrote: After 50 years of unrest in Nicaragua, group of Western reporters start to take an interest in the latest coup, an upgrade from their previous assignment in Chad. Well told with believable characters and good cast of lead actors.

Barry R (us) wrote: Don't spoil your viewing pleasure by focusing on the plot holes or inconsistencies of tone. It's horse opera: dig the arias!

Veniea T (ca) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Sammy K (br) wrote: the best funniest movie ever

Tanya K (us) wrote: Ageing remains the predominant them as Search for Spock picks up right where Wrath of Khan left off ...perhaps a bit too soon after. Having Spock's re-emergence so soon weakens the effect of his incredible sacrifice and loss and one wonders what was the hurry? Still, if planet Genisis is to be taken as a metaphor, perhaps its message is that one cannot rush growing up as it's through the process of ageing that we gather the experience to learn how to deal with situations both physically and emotionally. Also still relevant is the question of mankind playing god. Are we ready to attempt recreating what's taken nature millions of years to evolve, and if not, will we ever be? It's a constant battle between man and nature with the former being caught in the latter's turbulence as the planet falls apart. It seems the harder we try to harness nature, the more this proves to be an impossible task. The in-camera effects of the planet breaking up around them are exciting and quite well done, as is the hand-to-hand scuffle between Kirk and Kruge (played by Christopher Lloyd) over molten lava (...Obi-Wan and Anakin, you were beaten to it!).