Life & Death

Life & Death


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2001
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Life & Death torrent reviews

Gareth D (jp) wrote: A proper Friday night B-movie horror comedy, it doesn't nail it perfectly but it has a few good laughs and is a very easy (fairly short) watch.

Brian S (mx) wrote: A Schwarzenegger classic, but small compaired to other of his stuff like Predator (1978), or The Terminator (1984). But still, it's an entertaining and full of action movie, with good performances and pleasant visual effects and this film, especialy during the climax, is really colorful sometimes, but also feels a little saturated. It's not Arnold's main masterpiece, but still. Recommended !!

Inta K (br) wrote: alright, not too bad

JW M (es) wrote: lovely story about football that's not really about football. I would've liked English subtitles for some of Cantona's lines."I am not a man... I am Cantona. " - brill

Regis F (it) wrote: Drole, tendre et tres bien joue... bref un bon petit film francais.

Cathy P (us) wrote: The Straight Story was a excellent move.

Kevin C (gb) wrote: Really interesting way to present fascinating material. The visual style of the movie itself makes it worth watching. The performances are good and of course its one sided but still well worth watching. I really liked the soundtrack and found it very effective.

treasure t (ag) wrote: love it you can anything keke

Jeff N (gb) wrote: While I am a fan of Albert Brooks and he is clearly from the same school as Larry David, I believe Larry David could have done this concept better.

Luke P (au) wrote: You can see the potential in Nicolas Winding Refn and see the style that makes him the director he is, and John Turturro gives a strong performance. The film just needed more interesting things happening to keep it engaging.

Ahmad J (fr) wrote: Great concept, decent execution, still very entertaining! The critics might hate this movie but I've seen it several times and have always enjoyed it...

Ralph R (kr) wrote: Will someone please clue me into what gender Pooh is?

Shane K (br) wrote: One of the greatest movies ever made! Kathy Bates should have received an Oscar for her brilliant portrayal of Dolores.

jacqueline m (us) wrote: one of the best films i've ever seen

Adam L (kr) wrote: "Project A," Jackie Chan's impressive Victorian era slapstick swashbuckler, is the brainchild of ideas brooding in the actor during his [first] forgettable stint in early 1980's Hollywood ("The Big Brawl," "Cannonball Run") and the need to transcend his previous accomplishments (sans 1982's "Dragon Lord" Chan's first iconic flop in the domestic market). Golden Harvest Studios, despite receiving disappointing returns on their preceding Jackie Chan endeavor, spared no expense so the newly minted star could lavish his audience with an early colonial Hong Kong homage to a number of Hollywood's great physical comedies from the silent era. A recognizable first in many regards "Project A" helped fuel the momentum away from Shaolin -- the temples and their inhabitants the fizzling subjects of popular Cantonese cinema by the early '80s -- as well as unite former classmates Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao on the first of three pictures that the trio headlined. The net result is some of Chan's best laid plans that occasionally went awry as evidenced in the blooper reel over the end credit sequence (another first in the Jackie Chan cannon).

angel m (br) wrote: Ok This Freeked me out Wen I was a Kid .. To see this again was like OMg I got scared Easy ... Back then Cause this is As Strange as the Name lol .. I Like it Will watch again Glowing pod People YES yes YEs *

Harry W (de) wrote: Muck like Planet of the Apes or Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Soylent Green was one of those films I went in to seeing completely aware of what the twist ending was thanks to pop culture.The thing I like about Soylent Green is that it has a simple premise to it. It is set in an interesting future which has a startling dystopian nature to it, and it makes a commentary on how the existence of humanity is the thing threatening the future of its own existence. While the story is not continuously interesting as it wades back and forth between exploring the tense nature of the universe and the many characters in the film of which there are plenty, the universe of the film is very interesting and the setting is complex. It is clear that Soylent Green does not have the biggest budget as its exploration of the universe is limited and may leave audiences asking many questions as a result, but the ideas behind it and the general subject matter of the film prove to be interesting enough to hold viewers' interests over the course of the running time. Soylent Green has interesting ideas to it and runs at a good pace for the course of its 93 minute running time which ensures that it does not overstay its welcome. Soylent Green survives mainly thanks to a firm script and good visual qualities. Like I said, the universe of the film is interesting and pretty freaky considering that it suggests a universe that could potentially exist one day. It is tense and fearful, as well as the fact that it has a sense of dystopian mystery to it. It is a film which is all about asking questions, and the central mystery to the film is interesting. For the viewers who are aware of its twist, the interest comes in the way that director Richard Fleischer executes it with his powerful direction. People unaware of it are in for an interesting journey and strong surprise, and thanks to a lot of powerful dialogue, the subject matter of the film stays intact and is expressed to the audience easily.The visual experience of Soylent Green is terrific. The scenery of the film captures a real sense of derelict property which have a sense of isolated interior emptiness. During the bigger scale scenes though, there is a distinctively dry and damaged landscape which is captured with excellently atmospheric cinematography and edited with very firm timing. The universe of the film feels very dry and dilapidated, and it has a distinctive sense of age and damage to it which suggests the damage of time over the development that civilisation is facing. The production design of the film feels apocalyptic in the right sense of the atmosphere, and as the film progresses the scale of the story is constantly shifting and therefore gives a view mainly of how it affects the people of the civilisation and particularly the life of protagonist Thorn as he hunts for the answer to the question which plagues the characters of the film and all of its viewers: "What is the secret of Soylent Green?". If you're one of the viewers to get into seeing the film without knowing its plot twist, it should be an enjoyable surprise. The action moments were entertaining as well because they featured strong editing and a touch of blood and gore which added colour to the film and made it a little more realistic. They maintain an interesting small scale touch which reinforce the crime drama aspect of the film.The cast in Soylent Green also make a contribution to ensuring that it comes out as a successful feature.Charlton Heston is a genial presence in Soylent Green. The Academy Award winning actor was able to make a name for himself in science fiction cinema throughout the 1960's and 1970's thanks to films such as Planet of the Apes and The Omega Man. So his presence in Soylent Green is easily believable. But not just that, because in the role he captures a perfect level of raw emotion and anger. Charlton Heston takes the chance in Soylent Green to turn in a powerful performance as Thorn where he captures a level of merciless grit which is strongly befitting for the part. He embodies the creation of the future as he is stuck in a universe which is distressing, physically damaging and holding its influence over him when he is already troubled by his conflicting job. He delivers his lines with true power and captures a sense of dominating mentality which has him carrying the tense characteristics of the lead character from start to finish without problem. Charlton Heston is a great lead in Soylent Green and it is very impressive to see him gripping the character with such a firm acting tenacity.The other cast member who makes an impact on Soylent Green is Edward G. Robinson. In Soylent Green he supplies a certain sense of wisdom to the part. In the final performance of his career, Edward G. Robinson delivers a powerful performance based on a mix of his simple line delivery and aged physicality. His character's final scene is iconic because of the way that audiences see the character's grand finale and see the actor in his final career appearance. His character's iconic death scene is a magnificent science fiction spectacle and one of the most memorable scenes of the film. Edward G. Robinson's role is a memorable one, and his chemistry with Charlton Heston is a nice touch for the film.So while Soylent Green does not exactly explore the universe of the film with all the potential that it presents with its complex subject matter, but thanks to a powerful narrative execution from director Richard Fleischer, a visually strong depiction of the universe and a firm leading performance from Charlton Heston, Soylent Green is an interesting science fiction film with an interesting sense of 1970's nostalgia to it.

Joey W (jp) wrote: This movie isn't even close from being as good as the original. But the fight scenes with Anguirus are great.

Justin B (au) wrote: Blunt and simple minded drama given the direction of a made for TV Chuck Norris, DieHard ripoff. Similar to something like Law Abiding Citizen ripping apart the legal system; poking holes in American healthcare is certainly a worthwhile topic but when it's handled with such a broad, black and white mindset, it comes off as pandering. Denzel s performance may be the only thing this movie has going for it.

bob j (au) wrote: Ice Cube wastes his likability in a stoner comedy that wouldn't even work if you were high.