Life and Lyrics

Life and Lyrics

As a posse of South London DJs battle their rivals to the North, Danny (Walters) falls for a singer from the other crew.

As a posse of South London DJs battle their rivals to the North, Danny (Walters)falls for a singer from the other crew. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett B (de) wrote: THE DEN begins promisingly, sags a bit in the midsection, then really hits its stride for the finale. The movie has an almost ingenious central conceit; most of the narrative unfolds within the confines of the chat windows on one woman's computer. On the surface, one might think that would get old real fast, but the filmmakers do interesting things with the idea, and the framing of the various video chats we witness is very effective. The idea of terror and fear springing from something as commonplace and mundane as our computers is a potent one, as as a kind of commentary on our increasingly connected lives, the setup is great. The bulk of the movie is pretty properly unsettling, even as the middle 30 minutes, say, become a bit repetitive; the third act, however, is where the truly bone-chilling and unnerving stuff kicks in, boasting not only an oppressively creepy atmosphere, but also shocks both visceral (there's a jump scare that took me completely by surprise, in a good way!) and psychological (the revelation of what's actually been going on is troubling, to say the least, even if we've seen variations on it before). The actual culmination of the story in the final minutes is slightly marred by the feeling that it's just slightly too mean-spirited, but the movie's last tag kind of redeems it. It's not groundbreaking, but it will likely leave you unnerved, and the creativity of its premise makes it worth a look.

Richard b (de) wrote: Direct to DVD none sequel to the 2011 remake, if you liked the classic 1985 original, the adequate 1988 Fright Night Part 2 & the pretty damn good 2011 remake avoid this at all costs!

Riikka P (us) wrote: Emotional, funny, touching, well-written, real... and on the topic. I thank Luis for making me watch this. Se senta real y que era una locura y yo estaba feliz y triste e furiosa ... gracias por la experiencia. Gracias.

Reda H (ca) wrote: pr les costumes et les passages weird.

Jan N (us) wrote: Binoche is this film's saving grace. This film won't change your life if you see it and it won't change your life if you do. Oddly enough, I felt captivated by the very, very everyday-life feel of the film and was never bored. At the end of it though, I thought to myself "How does that fit the description on the case?"In any case, if you're a fan of La Binoche, you should take a look at it.

Derek B (gb) wrote: I thought this film was famtastic. Little slow in parts but Janssen delivered a powerhouse performance. I can't wait to see what she does in "Bring up Bobby"

Esu M (ag) wrote: One of the best films ever made. Kevin Costner, Kelly Preston & John C. Reilly turned a cheezy baseball film about an old player fighting to keep his job and stay in the game, into a deep and complex tour of the human experience of discovering love and the challenges one must overcome to fight to keep it. Absolutely changed how romantic, comedic dramas have been made since. Truly a revolutionary film!

Ryan G (ag) wrote: A visually stunning love story that never gets in your face about its message and just lets you enjoy and experience the ride.

tom d (gb) wrote: terror scary the best thiller...

David R (es) wrote: a worthy sequel a decent film

Pavlos C (fr) wrote: An Alan Bennett favourite.

Drew S (es) wrote: The Eyes of Laura Mars begins with legitimate promise, itching at the surface of this New York art-or-trash aesthetic that sort of serves as an interesting mirror for the movie itself. It seems to have a few smart ideas about the scene it deals with, ideas that quickly fizzle out to give way to a disappointingly generic slasher. Perhaps the most exciting part of the film is how batshit hysterical Faye Dunaway is - she isn't necessarily bad, pulling some sympathy out of us and displaying some pretty exemplary dialogue timing, but she hits astronomically over-the-top heights during her chase scenes. She's just not meant to be a scream queen, not especially with her hilarious wounded-seal hollering. Eventually even my derision of the film grew unappealing as it made its way toward a predictable ending propped up on some really shitty psychodrama. Still, The Eyes of Laura Mars has some surprises up its sleeve, mostly in its first half hour, when it promises to say something insightful about art and death but mostly just ends up acknowledging that they both exist. The photo shoots themselves, often accompanied by music that must have been too cool in 1978, are entertainingly lurid (though not even remotely objectionable or violent as this movie's world seems to think they are). And that cast is fun; Rene Auberjonois is a special treat, camping it up something fierce as Dunaway's ambiguously gay agent, and Brad Dourif is befuddling as her hobo driver. Tommy Lee Jones is also hilarious as possibly the ugliest cop I've ever had a movie tell me was hot. Check that unibrow, dude.Not imperative viewing. Worth it if you're really running low on your late-70s thrillers, which I don't think you ever will be.

Brendan S (ca) wrote: I liked it. I don't know why the critics didn't