Life and Nothing But

Life and Nothing But

January, 1920. 350,000 French soldiers remain missing in action. Major Dellaplane tirelessly matches the dead and the wounded with families' descriptions. Honor and ethics drive him; he hates the idea of "the unknown soldier." Into his sector, looking for her husband, comes a haughty, politically connected Parisian, Madame Irène de Courtil. Brusquely, Dellaplane offers her 1/350,000th of his time, but as their paths cross and she sees his courage and resolve, feelings change. After he finds a surprising connection between her missing husband and a local teacher, Irène makes Dellaplane an offer. This man of action hesitates: has he missed his only chance?

Intense character study of men and women driven by an overpowering obsession with the past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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B W (fr) wrote: I wanted to give it four stars because I did enjoy it, but it was too formulaic for me not to notice. Half a star deducted for that.

Glbin O (fr) wrote: watched and liked it

Chris S (ca) wrote: This movie is the reason white people dodge the hood.

Lydia F (jp) wrote: aka "Ewan McGregor Bones Everyone." Which would potentially be a great movie, if his character were at all likeable.

Michael C (gb) wrote: A fun, sometimes nonsensical, 90s action film.

Jess A (es) wrote: This movie was very 80's, very Brat Pack, kinda cheesy - which I don't mind. I have an agreement with myself that I'll pretty much suffer through any movie as long as Rob Lowe is in it. This one was actually pretty good.

Janice P (jp) wrote: Fascinating, if uneven, thriller about 6 actresses getting picked off one by one by a killer in a hag mask. The very capable cast seems game for a sharp, upmarket psychological thriller, but the film itself doesn't seem to know if it wants to go for classy thriller or sleazy slasher. Subplots are brought up and resolved without telling the audience how, characters range from moderately well-developed to near mute (Anne Ditchburn's ballerina for one), and a mysterious doll shows up a for a few scenes and is never mentioned again. Due to the film's ADD nature, it has a (perhaps unintentional?) nightmarish quality to it. Samantha Eggar fares the best with one of the film's more interesting characters - aging actress Samantha Sherwood who has just broken out of an asylum where she was sent to rot by her director (and possible lover?) under the guise of "research" for a her role. Lynne Griffin fares just as well as Eggar with her role as a quirky stand up comedienne hoping to make her big break in the world of film. Despite its flaws, it's an interesting, dreamlike, and sometimes genuinely unnerving little chiller with a few truly unforgettable set pieces. Horror fans looking for something with a bit more character might dig it.

Bruno V (fr) wrote: Seen yesterday , but don't remember that this movie did take that long....Strange ! Nothing wrong with De Niro's Performence ...but the songs and cabaret-stuff from Liza Minnelli was not my cup of Tea ! SOMDVD

Alissa G (nl) wrote: I really loved this movie. I laughed and then I cried.

Jonathan R (de) wrote: One brilliant story, one good story, one rather dull story, in that order. But, oh, that opening...

Jillian L (us) wrote: This is a really interesting biopic and an interesting story behind it. It was also scary how relevant it is to today. Fighting against the narrow minded powers that be, the government using the law against innocent people who simply go against their will, the older generation not willing to embrace the new. Sounds eerily familiar doesn't it? Another bonus of this movie is how strong the main cast is. Barry Ward as the titular Jimmy is wonderful, a really strong and commanding presence. Andrew Scott makes a less than 10 minute screen time appearance as the younger priest who is nicer than the old priest. Where this fell flat for me was the almost over simplistic script, especially in the early group scenes, specifically with the younger cast. Also, the flashbacks didn't quite flesh out why he left in the first place. You got that the church didn't like the hall, but you never truly got why the older priest didn't like him so much. Overall though, this is a pleasant enough true story.