Life, and Nothing More...

Life, and Nothing More...

A director and his son return to a region damaged by the Guilan earthquake, hoping to find the children who appeared in his film a few years earlier.

After the earthquake of Guilan, the film director and his son, Puya, travel to the devastated area to search for the actors of the movie the director made there a few years ago, Khane-ye ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Life, and Nothing More... torrent reviews

Bec E (de) wrote: Just okay. There is a story, but not very exciting. It ends as you'd expect it too. One word: 'meh'.

angel m (nl) wrote: The beginning dragggggzzz .. Untill they dare each other to go in the bathroom and chant dead mary 3 x ... It gets creepy crazzy after that .. This has sum OMG Moments... I rily digg it .. I put it my list Of my ave spooky spooks ..The part where the boyfriend is in the tool shed Telling his girlfriend how stupid and crappy she is as a lover was hardcore and sooo mean .. And the end was Worthy ...

Moriah F (ag) wrote: I really liked this movie. I wish they would have made some more.

Tony B (de) wrote: Hey I like dogs but this movie was not worth finishing.

Ryan V (it) wrote: There's a reason Bill Cosby, great as he is, never took another lead part after this.

Jessica P (de) wrote: Inventive, daring (typical de Heer)and on the most part enjoyable. Loved the use of paintings to represent the genocide, reminding us that most aspects of this story are not fiction, but history. Had an Archie Roach overdose by the end of it though.

p b (kr) wrote: I wish I was sophisticated enough to like this kind of movie...but I'm not. I just don't enjoy them.

Steven K (kr) wrote: best movie I've ever seen

Saku N (jp) wrote: It was just meh. I couldn't get over how unattractive everyone on this movie [email protected] The dancing was a little above mediocre.

Tim C (ca) wrote: I love Anne Hathaway and love Jane AUsten's stuff. So I'm intrigued.