Life as We Know It

Life as We Know It

After a distastrous first date for caterer Holly and network sports director Messer, all they have is common is a dislike for each other and their love for their goddaughter Sophie. But when they suddenly become all Sophie has in this world, Holly and Messer must set their differences aside. Juggling careers and social calendars, they'll have to find common ground while living under the same roof.

The movie follows two single adults who people who can't stand each other as they are forced to become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident. But raising a child puts a crimp on their style and they don't exactly get along. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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April G (mx) wrote: This is not a horror movie, although it was miscategorized as one on Comcast, so if you watch it hoping for "scares or thrills" check out a movie in that genre instead. This, however, is an incredibly poignant and engrossing film! Absolutely the best acting and best script I have seen in years! I am SO impressed by Kevin Smith and this entire cast! This is the tragic story of our generation, brutally honest as Kevin Smith shoves a mirror in the ugly and terrifying face of this depraved nation we call America. Bravo!

Fredrik S (gb) wrote: An OK film, especially for the message of the environmental need for bees, but it is a bit awkward in the relationship between the bee and the female human and the animation is so-so. I saw this in a dubbed version with my kids and I guess it might be a bit better with the original voice cast, but probably not much...

Matthew D (kr) wrote: Soapdish is a crude charmer that does succeed in making you laugh, but lacks real personal depth.

Joey F (gb) wrote: starring Run Dmc. . . nuff said

Paul K (us) wrote: I was talking with my friend last night about this film. She recommended it to me a while back and commented on how beautiful she remembered it being. I would agree with that statement. This film is, in fact, quite beautiful, epic in metaphorical scope, and filled to the brim with stimulating symbolism. I also said to her, jokingly, that this is film for the expert viewer; it is beyond film, and if I were to graphically represent how imposing it is in both length and technical skill, I would write the word "FILM" in all caps and in large font with giant spaces between each letter. Damnation takes you unwillingly and unmercifully into a visual and rather literal damnation of man. The story is told at a snail's pace through extensive one-shots that sometimes go on for more than 10 minutes. Essentially it's a story of doomed love, but it's told more through dark, moody, and depressing imagery than with dialog. It became so difficult for me to patiently withstand the arduous task of, well, sitting through it all that I was compelled to fast forward until I saw subtitles pop up in frame. Take this with a grain of salt, of course. This was a heavyweight film for a middleweight film lover.

Marcie F (us) wrote: love this movie.Art Carney makes a wonderful santa.

Trevor W (br) wrote: Shockingly darker, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom handles its action sequences based on slightly less convenience than the first one, which makes them better. The entertainment runs its course fast, though, as the sequences are dragged out. Ford does a better acting job, which is good because the other two are horrifically annoying, especially the blatantly sexist role of Willie. Spielberg also starts the stakes high, forcing him to raise the stakes to absurd amounts.Maybe the third time's a charm.

chasity b (jp) wrote: I just watched this movie again the other night. It is still one of my favorite Sideney Poitier movies of all Times! Yes it is a predictable movie, but once the students really started understanding what he was trying to teach them it was a tear jerker....

Steve S (ca) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Martin T (jp) wrote: Sometimes there's an actor that you so strongly associate with a particular role that it's jarring to see him in anything else. In the case, Bob Anderson, who will forever be young George Bailey to me. As I watched him in this movie, I kept waiting for him to bust out a "hee haw!" or a "please don't hit my sore ear again, Mr. Gower!". Funny that I watched this right after a movie with Donna Reed. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway... this is a decent melodrama about a financial wizard whose ambition leads him to crush everyone in his path. The film has pretty good performances (including young Anderson) and some compelling psychodramatic elements, but man, it moves like molasses. All the life has been sucked out and it just seems to drag on and on at times. Detour is a masterpiece of economy, so I guess Ulmer works better on a microscopic budget.