Life Hits

Life Hits

Christina is living in a suburb to Copenhagen. With her class mates Cecilie, Trine and Pernille she slacks her school work, living mostly for the weekends of gate crashing, getting drunk, experimenting with drugs and scoring guys. But her world is turned upside down when Cecilie's boyfriend Shaid starts hitting on her, and Cecilie mistakenly believes the two of them are making out.

Christina is living in a suburb to Copenhagen. With her class mates Cecilie, Trine and Pernille, a tight-knit gang of girlfriends, she slacks her schoolwork, living mostly for the weekends ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephanie F (mx) wrote: weepy all the way through.

Classy K (ru) wrote: Yall kno how i feel about shemar moore's acting corny cheesy and dorky...but vivica was on point. this movie is alright sexy? erotic? i onno bout that maybe motives 2

Stella P (mx) wrote: Very good. Gets one thinking about many things... how much of is dependent on our gender? Do we love our partners because of their gender? Interesting...

GoodE (ag) wrote: The Best Scary movie EVER

Jon J (it) wrote: A great movie. Expect nothing less from Zhang Yimou.

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Alex K (br) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Sarah B (es) wrote: Awful, awful, awful.

Bloodmarsh K (ca) wrote: Solid first half, but then spirals downhill quickly. It's certainly not without its charms, though - just a bit too corny. And the ending, well, the ending defines 'corny.'

Indira S (mx) wrote: a light fun action movie

Jenny J (au) wrote: I love this movie too even though it is not quite as good as Support your Local Sheriff.

Adam D (it) wrote: a good to very good late 1940s film noir with a twist ending Audrey totter plays a femme Fataile very well.

Ben R (us) wrote: I really like this movie somehow. Maybe it's the comedy.

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Miguel R (es) wrote: While you can't deny the humor and action, The Rundown is a below average comedy action flick

Joe F (au) wrote: I hope this is better than Space Buddies! I think that Butters should join the Buddies team in the future, don't you?

Aaron G (us) wrote: Honestly the worst movie ever made. If someone punched me in the face, then made me rewatch this movie, I'd be more upset about the movie than the face-punch."