Life in a Day

Life in a Day

A documentary shot by filmmakers all over the world that serves as a time capsule to show future generations what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010.

What do you get when you ask the people of the world to chronicle a single day in their lives? You get 80,000 submissions, 4500 hours of footage, from 192 countries. Kevin Macdonald has taken this raw material, all shot on July 24, 2010, and created a 90-minute paean to what it means to be human in the world today. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Life in a Day torrent reviews

Rob A (ca) wrote: The return of Mel Gibson... This movie was different than similar movies of this kind so I give it points for originality. Unfortunately it just did not have me on the edge of my seat like it should have.

Daniel D (au) wrote: Pretty bad film. Super low budget, bad acting, and bad execution. What can you expect from the director who brought us Superman IV: The Quest For Peace and Iron Eagle.

Eylem E (ca) wrote: Holed up in a bar in the wee small hours of the morning, self-pitying Raoul (Joseph Millson) is having a "One for My Baby" moment. "The rush that music brings," he sings, "I can't deliver." The trouble with "Love Never Dies" is that while a couple of melodies deliver, the show doesn't. Andrew Lloyd Webber's sequel to "The Phantom of the Opera" wants to be a tragic romance, but it's simply torpid. Only a radical rewrite will give it even the remotest chance of emulating its predecessor. Skedded for a Nov. 11 Gotham opening, it has eight months in which to improve.

Sara B (es) wrote: I was spellbound from the first minute - this documentary is proof that fact can beat fiction any day.

Kauana O (kr) wrote: i really really want to see it

James H (gb) wrote: Slow moving drama, and not particularly cast well. Technically it is good. The photography is nice. Uninspiring and downright boring at times. perhaps different actors in the lead roles would have made a difference.

Patricio G (ru) wrote: Zatoichi es simplesa sublime. Recomendada.

John D (us) wrote: One of the best Hammer films is excellently paced and contains a fine blend of true terror with a dash of levity to lighten things up every once and a while. Cushing gives one of his best performances as the dangerously obsessed count.

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Al H (ag) wrote: This is not another common romantic/comedy movie a la Jennifer Aniston. This is something more.

Indra W (us) wrote: Mediocre, but still enjoyable.

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