Life in Flight

Life in Flight

While collaborating with an urban designer (Collins), an architect (Wilson) begins to second guess the perfect life he has constructed for himself and his family.

While collaborating with an urban designer (Collins), an architect (Wilson) begins to second guess the perfect life he has constructed for himself and his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin A (ca) wrote: This a sophmoric mess that is to be avoided at all costs. You will want to sue the producers to return to you the 84 minutes you wasted watching this wretched crap of a movie.

Jason S (br) wrote: A crazy ride of a film that doesn't let go. Plenty of meta humor and interesting characters make this film.

Anand K (ag) wrote: women talking about relationships is not even interesting to women in this movie.

Eric R (it) wrote: Trigger Man is a very simple story about a group of friends who go on a hunting trip whom soon discover that they are in fact the ones being hunted. This is a raw, low-budget film, with a very slow pace, but towards the end of the film, the tension really does crank up. The first 30 minutes or so of the film really play out almost like a buddy comedy, though much slower paced, in that everything feels safe and relaxed. When the violence does come, it's graphic and West really captures the gravity of the situation, in how the camera lingers on the violence. To be honest, I did find the handheld to be a little too aggressive for me, particularly early on, to the point where I just found it to be incredibly distraction. While I liked the film, I think it's more a showcase of Ti West's potential more so then a great film by any means.

Jo Y (br) wrote: Wish I knew the language..

Jonathan C (jp) wrote: A military mystery whodunnit. Told in the P.O.V. he said, she said style. Falls short in many ways. But, it holds your attention.

Karen D (ca) wrote: was awesum !!! just loved it !!!

James J (gb) wrote: This film is so quirky and weird that I almost love it. In fact, there were a ton of things I loved about it: the sick score which consisted of synthfunk, gospel, sometimes bordering on avant-garde; the unconventional cinematography and editing; the pair of creepy white guys who were absolutely, hilariously brilliant; the eyeball; the card trick; the random video game montage in the middle; and the silent protagonist. The problem with this movie is the fact that it has no plot; unfortunately, there are a lot of events in this movie, but nothing really ties it into a strong cohesive whole. Moreover, while some of the dialogue is hilarious, a lot of it is pointless and sometimes annoying. Regardless, I think I enjoyed this film way more than the rating I have given it and think it deserves, and I think the elements of the film which I pointed out are well worth giving Brother From Another Planet a watch!

John D (ag) wrote: Tickle Me Elvis! Gosh, Jocelyn Lane can tickle me any time she wants. . .

SV G (ru) wrote: A wonderful old classic with an older handsome Gary Cooper and young Audrey Hepburn as unlikely love interests and a nice supporting role by Maurice Chevalier as her father who is a private detective. Offers grand romantic scenes with one of the best train station endings. One of my favorites as directed by Billy Wilder.

Brian H (us) wrote: An attempt at humor that has you laughing a couple times but leaves you flat the rest.

Yanira D (kr) wrote: La actuacin de Dian Lane es lo que vale la pana ver.