Life Itself

Life Itself

Life Itself recounts the surprising and entertaining life of renowned film critic and social commentator Roger Ebert. The film details his early days as a freewheeling bachelor and Pulitzer Prize winner, his famously contentious partnership with Gene Siskel, his life-altering marriage, and his brave and transcendent battle with cancer.

The life and career of the renowned film critic and social commentator, Roger Ebert. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dietrich L (fr) wrote: The sound part is just perfectly mixed! Dreamy atmosphere.

Natalie O (es) wrote: I'd been looking forward to watching this for years so maybe my expectations were a tad too high

Christoffer N (fr) wrote: I liked the concept of the movie, and while the actors wasn't the best and the editing could've been better, it was still an interesting movie never the less.

Hannah D (es) wrote: Not bad, not the best Christmas film, bu not bad.

Robert A (jp) wrote: Pretty good..don't expect many surprises..well past the main one.

Marisa M (ag) wrote: An inventive, underrated and engaging cult classic with a lot to love. Plus, a lot of stuff gets blown up.

Amr M (fr) wrote: very nice shooting and cinematography .. this movie by Giuseppe Tornatore is different from his usual style.. it's also nice to see Roman Polanski acting

Alexandria C (gb) wrote: i love stephen chow!

Caleb M (ag) wrote: An intense psychological study of a couple falling apart trying to survive a war. Shame isn't my favorite Bergman, not by a long shot. It's so dark and so depressing it becomes hard to watch. This is also the first time I've encountered a Bergman film that borderline bored me. It's not that it's dull, but Sydow and Ullmann are so painfully honest you almost don't want to watch. I urge anyone reading these to check out Bergman if you haven't already (you can't go wrong with The Seventh Seal or Wild Strawberries for starters), but unless you're used to this material Shame will most likely scare you away.

Marc M (nl) wrote: Lola Montes is a one of a kind. Vibrant color and layer upon layer of visual spectacle accent this strory about a womans rise and fall. One can see the effort that went into each meticulously shot frame of film. Costumes, sets and choreography highlight a tale that is almost less important than the artistry upon which it's filmed. This will not be a film for everyone and like most great art will have those who simply don't feel it. Highly recommended!!!

Art S (nl) wrote: There is no good time to watch such a film but one must watch it, as an act of moral courage and understanding. - and, of course, remembrance (as a possible protection against such things happening again). Alain Resnais (like his assistant on this film, Chris Marker) often used time and memory as his themes, focusing on their emotional impact and on their distortions. Here, as we examine horrifying footage from the Nazi concentration camps (and footage that is horrifying by implication) we are also shown how the camps look now, grassy and overgrown, abandoned, potentially forgotten. The message is not to forget that this is possible, that mass-murder is happening now - for Resnais, the pointed allusion was to Algeria, for us today it is to Iraq and Syria, and other places we may be ignoring. Of course, no single atrocity is as potent, terrible, terrifying, saddening, and soul-destroying (no adjective really works here) as the Holocaust, during which the Nazis exterminated millions of Jews and millions of others they thought undesirable. It is hard to watch the footage of the victims and to hear how they were tortured, but it is our moral responsibility to learn and to stop governments and individuals from setting off on this path ever again.

JH K (br) wrote: Creo que el nico Biopic que califican por s mismos como pelcula de aventuras y accin. Realmente remarcable y destacable.

Troy S (us) wrote: A promising premise was squandered, despite solid perfomances.